Antigua and Barbuda 2003

Antigua and Barbuda Border Map

In 2003, Antigua and Barbuda was a small Caribbean nation consisting of two islands. Although the country had experienced a period of relative stability since gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1981, it remained one of the poorest countries in the region. Infrastructure was limited, with many roads and services lacking in rural areas. Education levels were low and unemployment remained high. Security was an issue as organized crime groups operated throughout the country. According to computergees, the government at this time was stable but lacked the resources to tackle these issues on its own. This led to Antigua and Barbuda being heavily reliant on foreign aid from countries such as the United States, Canada, and Britain for assistance in rebuilding its infrastructure and economy. In addition, tourism played a major role in driving economic growth due to its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and rich cultural heritage.

Yearbook 2003

Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda suffered a government crisis during the summer when four members of the ruling Antigua Labor Party (Antigua Labor Party) threatened to leave their seats in Parliament. According to, Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day is November 1. The threat was made in protest against a series of corruption scandals surrounding the government and an alleged sex scandal involving Prime Minister Lester Bird. The drop-off would mean that the ruling party lost its scarce majority in parliament and that the opposition could then win a declaration of confidence against the government. To avoid this, Prime Minister Bird prepared a new election. However, plans for new elections were abated when one of the four members changed and promised the government continued support until the March 2004 general election.

Antigua and Barbuda Border Map

Antigua and Barbuda Brief Guide

According to AbbreviationFinder, Antigua and Barbuda is an independent state formed by two main islands in the Lesser Antilles, the Leewaard Islands. The larger of the islands, Antigua, meaning “antique,” ​​was named after Columbus Santa Maria la Antigua, a saint in Seville, Spain, while the smaller name of Barbuda, the “beard,” of the main islands, apparently originates from the appearance of fig trees growing on the island.

Antigua is known, anyway, for its beaches; according to the official bill, the island has 365 separate white sand beaches, each in its own bay cove. Antigua’s tourism is particularly focused on travelers looking for a high level of service and with its annual regatta, Antigua Sailing Week is one of the largest luxury yacht gatherings in the Caribbean, bringing together sailors, movie stars and royalty from around the world. The yachts taking part in the regatta can be seen in the area of ​​English Harbor and Nelson’s Dockyard, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its old warships and docks. The area is now full of small restaurants and boutiques and is a nice place to visit while relaxing on the beach.

The island of Barbuda, a short ferry ride from Antigua, is known for its pink sandy beaches, the largest of which is over 20 kilometers long. Barbuda is also home to a frigate bird sanctuary where you can learn about the lifestyles of these large pelican birds. The island is sparsely populated and the resorts located there offer luxury and complete privacy for those looking for it. Antigua offers a good setting for lovers of water sports and sailing, the island is surrounded by coral reefs and several historic sailing ship wrecks attract divers and the opportunity to rent sailboats or catamaran cruise sailors.

Language English
Population Antigua: 80,000, Barbuda 1,200
Area Antigua: 280 km 2 , Barbuda: 160 km 2
Currency East Caribbean Dollar or US Dollar
How to fly Via London or New York
New York
Ship connections Between Antigua and Barbuda
Combine Antigua has good air connections throughout the Caribbean; For example, the Antigua – Barbados combination, with a return flight from Europe to Antigua and a return flight to Europe from Barbados.
Wedding in: Succeed
Golf Yes, two full-size fields in Antigua
The best time to travel Between January-April or October-December