Arlington County, Virginia Weather

According to, Arlington County, Virginia is located in the Northern Virginia region of the United States and is part of the Washington Metropolitan Area. The county has a population of 230,050 as of 2020 and is home to a diverse mix of cultures and people from all walks of life.

Arlington County has a rich history that dates back to the mid-1700s when it was established as part of Alexandria County. Over the years, Arlington County has been home to many notable figures including George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and John F. Kennedy who all lived in Arlington at one point or another.

The county is home to numerous attractions such as the Pentagon City shopping mall, Iwo Jima Memorial Park, Arlington National Cemetery, and many more. The local economy is based primarily on government services and contracting with defense-related industries.

In addition to its historical sites and attractions, Arlington County also offers plenty for visitors to do such as visiting museums like the Air Force Memorial or exploring various parks like Theodore Roosevelt Island National Park or Gravelly Point Park. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars for visitors to enjoy throughout the county.

Arlington County is also home to several notable people including former President George W Bush who resided in Arlington while he was in office; former Vice President Dick Cheney; actor/director Robert Redford; chefs Tom Colicchio and Bryan Voltaggio; former NFL player Donovan McNabb; singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera; actor/producer Matt Damon; journalist Bob Woodward; chef José Andrés; singer/songwriter Taylor Swift and many more.

Arlington County is a great place for visitors looking for an exciting experience full of history, culture, entertainment, dining options and much more.

Climate and weather in Arlington County, Virginia

According to, Arlington County, Virginia experiences a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures often reaching the high 80s and low 90s Fahrenheit. Winters are mild to cool with temperatures ranging from the mid-30s to low 50s Fahrenheit. Rainfall is plentiful throughout the year, with an average of over three inches of rain per month in most months of the year. Snowfall is also common in Arlington County during the winter months, though it rarely accumulates more than a few inches at a time.

The area also experiences extreme weather from time to time, including severe thunderstorms during the summer and snowstorms during the winter. Hurricanes can also occur, though they typically stay off-shore and do not usually cause significant damage in Arlington County.

Arlington County enjoys fairly mild weather year-round, with temperatures rarely reaching extreme levels on either end of the thermometer. The area’s plentiful rainfall helps keep things cool in summertime while providing water for plants and wildlife throughout the region.

Transportation in Arlington County, Virginia

Arlington County, Virginia is well-served by a variety of transportation options. The area is served by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Metrobus and Metrorail systems, which provide frequent service to and from the District of Columbia, as well as many other locations in the region.

The county also has numerous taxi services, ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft, and bike-sharing programs for those who prefer to get around on two wheels. There are also several public bus lines that run throughout the county, providing convenient access to local destinations.

For those looking to travel further afield, Washington Dulles International Airport is located just outside of Arlington County in nearby Loudoun County. The airport offers domestic and international flights to a variety of destinations around the world.

For those who prefer driving themselves, Arlington County is served by several major highways including I-66, I-395 and I-495. These highways provide direct access to Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia’s major cities such as Alexandria, Fairfax and Richmond.

Arlington County provides residents with a variety of transportation options for getting around town or traveling further afield. Whether you choose public transit or private transportation services like taxis or ride sharing companies; biking or walking; or even flying out of Dulles International Airport – there are plenty of ways to get where you need to go.

Cities and towns in Arlington County, Virginia

According to Countryaah, Arlington County, Virginia is home to a variety of cities and towns. The county seat is the city of Arlington, which is located in the heart of the county and serves as its administrative center. Arlington is a vibrant, diverse city that offers a variety of attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike.

The nearby town of Falls Church is another popular destination in Arlington County. The town offers an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions, including the Falls Church Arts Center and the State Theatre.

The city of Alexandria is located just across the Potomac River from Arlington County. It’s a historically significant port city known for its cobblestone streets, waterfront parks, museums, art galleries and more.

The villages of Ballston and Clarendon are two more popular destinations in Arlington County. Ballston has become an entertainment hub with numerous restaurants, bars and shops; while Clarendon has many coffee shops, boutiques and nightlife venues.

Arlington also has several smaller communities such as Shirlington Village, Westover Village and Bluemont Park that offer residents a quieter lifestyle outside of the hustle-and-bustle of urban centers like Washington D.C., Alexandria or Arlington itself.

Arlington County provides residents with plenty of options when it comes to exploring cities or towns within its boundaries – from vibrant urban centers like Alexandria to smaller villages like Ballston or Clarendon; there’s something for everyone.