Belize 2003

Belize Border Map

In 2003, Belize was a small Central American country bordered by Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea. Its economy was mainly based on services, tourism, and agriculture. Infrastructure was in need of improvement throughout the country with education levels being quite high. Unemployment had decreased since the 1990s but still remained relatively high in certain areas. According to computergees, the government at this time was stable with strong democratic institutions and a commitment to free-market capitalism. Foreign investment had increased significantly in recent years due to Belize’s favorable business climate and proximity to major markets such as Mexico, Guatemala and the United States. Tourism also played a major role in driving economic growth due to its stunning tropical beaches, vibrant culture, and abundance of cultural attractions. Belize’s capital city Belmopan had become one of the most important cities in Central America at this time and had attracted many international businesses looking for a base of operations within the region.

Yearbook 2003

Belize. According to, Belize Independence Day is September 21. The ruling People’s Unity Party (PUP), led by Prime Minister Said Musa, on March 5 became the first party to win two consecutive parliamentary elections since independence in 1981. The party gained 21 seats against 8 for the United Democratic Party (UDP) opposition party.

The proposal presented by the US cooperation organization OAS to a solution to the border dispute between Belize and Guatemala was rejected by Guatemala in August, which will lead to new bilateral negotiations.


The climate in Belize is tropical, with winds blowing predominantly from the Caribbean. The maximum temperatures rarely exceed 36 degrees Celsius in summer, and in winter they almost never fall below 16 degrees Celsius, even at night. The average air temperature is 25.9 degrees Celsius. The air humidity is easy to bear due to the wind from the sea. Most of the rain falls between June and October, when the humidity is highest.

The regional differences in weather, the differing heights and geological conditions provide for a variety of highly interesting habitats for flora and fauna. 49 different types of forests can be classified in this way.

Natural disasters that occur regularly are hurricanes and, as a result, floods. A hurricane destroyed the then capital Belize City in 1961, and Belmopan became the capital in 1970.

Belize Border Map

Belize Brief Guide

According to AbbreviationFinder, Belize is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, between Mexico and Guatemala. The country has a long coastline and several islands in the Caribbean Sea, offering stunning beaches, diving and snorkeling opportunities, and your own peace in one of the least known destinations in the Caribbean.

Belize, the former British Honduras, is the only English-speaking state in Central America and its history as a British colony, a pirate base and part of the Mayan Empire make it one of the most interesting places to visit in the region. Belize offers tourists rainforests, the ruins of Mayan culture, and numerous small paradise islands with coral reefs – the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere is located in Belize and the Great Blue Hole of the Light House Reef is one of the world’s most coveted dive sites. Especially off the coast, the island of San Pedro, “La Isla Bonita” and Ambergis Caye are attractive with their beautiful scenery, beaches and slow pace of life, as well as their high-quality hotel offerings.

In Belize, a vacation can be easily divided between exploring the continental rainforests and Mayan culture and a beach vacation, and the small islands are like created for a honeymoon. Belize is known, especially in the United States, as a resort for stars who avoid publicity in their spare time; celebrities from Gene Simmons to Francis Ford Coppola have found a hiding place in Belize for themselves, the latter fell in love with the place so that he founded his own hotel in Belize. There are plenty of activities in Belize: hiking, jungle or river trips in the rainforest by canoe or tire floating, horseback riding in the highlands and so on. Belize is the most diverse travel destination in the Caribbean.

Language English
Population 110,000
Area 360 km 2
Currency East Caribbean Dollar
How to fly Via London or New York, plus a stopover in Barbados or Saint Lucia. For smaller islands, continue with an overnight stop on the main island.
New York or London
Ship connections Regular ferry service between the eight largest islands
Combine Barbados, St. Lucia
Inauguration at Succeed
Golf One full field on the island of Canouan
The best time to travel Between January-May or October-December