Bled Travel Guide


Picturesque Bled is one of the most amazing destinations in Slovenia. Calm lake scenery, green mountain slopes and a peaceful small town atmosphere – Slovenian Bled is ideal for travelers looking for nature experiences and a relaxing holiday.

Bled is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Slovenia. The landscape is like a postcard and the surrounding Julian Alps offer great hiking and trekking opportunities for both beginners and more experienced nature tourists.


The outdoorsman enjoys Bled

Bled, in the western part of Slovenia, is only a small town of just over 5,000 inhabitants, but especially in midsummer, the number of tourists may double. The city is known for its magnificent lake landscape, beautiful mountains and tiny monastery island, located in the middle of Lake Bled.

The nearby Triglav National Park and the Triglav Mountain, which rises to almost 3,000 meters, offer excellent opportunities for hiking. The area also offers easy routes and opportunities for kayaking, rafting or mountain biking.

The most popular destination in Bled is definitely the picturesque lake.

The most popular destination in Bled

Warm in summer and frost in winter

The climate in Bled is pleasant in summer and the temperature is around +20 degrees. There is often snow and frost in the winter, so Bled is also well suited as a winter tourist destination. Skiing and skiing opportunities as well as other winter activities can be found nearby.

The best time to travel to Bled is from spring to autumn. The landscape is at its best in early summer, when the leaves are in the trees and green everywhere. The view is also impressive in the autumn fall, when the landscape of Bled looks completely new.

Nature holiday in Bled

Travel to Bled is mainly due to the scenery, which is why the area is best suited for tourists who appreciate nature and activities. City Center Lake Bled is a classic photographic destination and a popular attraction that attracts visitors for a short peek into the city, but the natural attractions around Bled also have plenty to see for several days.

There is little amusement in the city of Bled, but the best thing about the place is the calm and unhurried atmosphere.

There are several good restaurants and cozy cafes, but fortunately there is not too much choice. To make the day, simply walking around Lake Bled, climbing the surrounding hills and stopping at a church on a small island in the middle of the lake may be enough.

The price level in Bled is slightly more expensive than in the rest of Slovenia, but quite moderate in Finnish.

In Bled, the tourist is doing quite well in English.



At its best, you can get to the landscape of Bled from Helsinki-Vantaa in about four hours.

By plane to Ljubljana

The best way to travel from Finland to Bled is to fly Finnair’s direct flights to Ljubljana and continue your journey from there to your destination. Direct flights cost around € 200 at the cheapest, but are only available during the summer season. Finnair usually operates to Ljubljana from March to October. The direct flight takes just over two and a half hours.

It is about 50 kilometers from Ljubljana to Bled and can be easily traveled by either train or bus. By car, the journey time is about 45 minutes.

Comfortable accommodation options

The popularity of Bled among tourists has improved the accommodation offer in the area, and there are options available for every budget: modest hostels and hotels as well as luxury hotels. In addition, some home-based accommodation is available.

The triple hotel in Bled outside the most popular tourist season costs just over one hundred euros per night, so the price level of accommodation is almost the same as in Finland.

On foot you can get far

Walking is the best way to get around Bled and its surroundings. A small tourist train runs around the lake, which can be used to get around the lake, but you can get more out on your own. From Bled there are good bus connections to the rest of Slovenia and hiking destinations.

The train stations are located just outside the city, Bled Jezero about two kilometers away and Lesce-Bled about four kilometers away. The train to Bled can be reached by taxi or bus. Trains from Ljubljana use Lesce-Bled station.

Car rental is worthwhile if you want to get around Slovenia more widely and also have easy access to destinations that are not accessible by public transport.



A boat trip on Lake Bled is one of the most popular experiences in the area.

Lake Bled and the surrounding hills like a postcard

The main attraction of Bled is the magnificent nature. The most beautiful landscapes can be sought and nature offers diverse activities for all kinds of tourists. Those looking for easy routes can cycle around Lake Bled for about six kilometers and deviate from the forest trails cruising the surrounding hills.

Bled Castle rises on one of the hills surrounding the lake and can be climbed or circled along the road. In addition to great views, the castle has a restaurant and a museum.

The top of Straža Hill can also be reached by climbing or along the road. There is a small cafe at the top. In winter, the hill serves as a ski slope, and in summer, a toboggan run is built on the slope. From Osojnica’s observation hill, almost 700 meters high, there are stunning views of Bled’s surroundings.

Its own attraction is the baroque-style church on a small island in the middle of Lake Bled, which can be reached by boat or by rowing itself.

Triglav National Park – a paradise for nature tourists

For those interested in hiking and trekking, Triglav National Park and its countless hiking trails offer excellent opportunities for nature tourism. The highest point in the area is Mount Triglav, which rises to an altitude of almost 2,864 meters. The nature of the national park is very diverse, from mountain peaks, low valleys and glacial lakes to lush forests.

Just outside Bled, about four kilometers away, is the popular Vintgar Gorge, part of the Triglav National Park. There is a walk of about a mile and a half in the area, meandering in incredibly beautiful scenery along the banks of the Radovna River. Vintgar can be easily reached on foot from Bled and on the way you can admire the Slovenian countryside.



Stunning scenery attracts visitors to Bled in almost all seasons.

The best experiences in Bled

  1. Boat trip on Lake Bled
  2. Hiking around the lake
  3. Visit to Blejski Otok Island

The best hotels in Bled

  1. Villa Bled
  2. Grand Hotel Toplice
  3. Jazz Rooms & Apartments
  4. Old Bled House
  5. Villa Alpina