Cala Galdana – One of Menorca’s Best Travel Destinations

Cala Galdana - one of Menorca's best travel destinations

The small resort of Cala Galdana is located on the lower coast of Menorca in the western part of the island. The place is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island and is especially suitable for families with children or couples who want to go on a quiet love holiday. Cala Galdana has a number of hotels, restaurants and bars as well as a few shops, souvenir shops and a supermarket and what distinguishes the resort the most is the long white sandy beach with high cliffs all around. The sandy beach itself is shallow, which is good for smaller children. Here you can practice several water sports such as snowmobiling, water skiing and diving and it is precisely the latter that most visitors like to have fun with.

Thanks to the high cliffs that surround the beach, you can not only get a breathtaking postcard picture if you drag yourself to the top. Once in the water, there are lots of life and movement that you can discover with a moment of snorkeling or diving as well as the opportunity to rent a kayak and paddle a turn. The beach in Cala Galdana is one of Menorca’s best and loved by many.

Horseback riding and hiking along the Camí de Cavalls

According to Constructmaterials, there is a large number of hiking trails next to Cala Galdana where people are used to cycling, riding or hiking. You can rent mountain bikes in several places and if you dare to get up in the saddle, there are guided rides to follow. This is a perfect way to discover the nature of Menorca. You can also book a hiking tour with a guide or go on your own adventures. However, always make sure you have a map or GPS on hand. The trails are many and it is easy to take the wrong path. The paths are clearly marked, but sometimes you can be unlucky and wander off.

Fiestor around Cala Galdana

In Menorca there is an annual tradition of celebrating the patron saint of all cities and villages and all places then celebrate their own saint in turn. These “fiestas” as they are called, start at midsummer time and end a couple of months later. The festivities include good food and a lot of Pomada, ie Menorca’s national drink with gin and lemon drink, shows with the stately Menorquin horses and a lot of other fun for families and young people. As Cala Galdana is a tourist resort, you have to go or go to the nearest resorts to experience the fiestas. One can e.g. take the car or bus to Es Migjorn Gran or Ferreries which is only a few kilometers away. The last fiesta is in the capital Mahón and there are 2 buses daily from Cala Galdana.

Enjoy the traditional food of Cala Galdana

As Menorca is an island and the surrounding sea is full of delicacies, it is no wonder that seafood is a big part of the restaurant menus. Of course you can taste good Spanish tapas here too, but the fish is something certain in Menorca. Along the port of Cala Galdana and the promenade that will be a nice relaxation in the evening, there are about ten bars and restaurants that serve their varieties of seafood. Before the meal, you can take the opportunity to stroll around the nearby shops and look at the cute little fishing boats located in the harbor. You can hardly have it cozier than that!

Cala Galdana - one of Menorca's best travel destinations