Canada Travel Information

Canada Travel Information

Endless expanses and cosmopolitan metropolises are the trademark of Canada (also Canada). Snowy winters and warm dry summers offer tourists a wide range of vacation options. The mountain ranges in British Columbia provide the best winter sports opportunities, while the numerous unique national parks, such as the Woods Buffalo National Park in Alberta, remain in the minds of tourists in the summer months.

A stay in one of the national metropolises gives you glamorous impressions of Canada. Among other things, there are cities like Montreal, once founded by the French and shaped by their architectural style, Toronto with the famous CN Tower or Calgary, which inspires every year with the big rodeo, the Calgary Stampede. But the cities of Vancouver and Quebec City also impress their visitors.

The landscapes between the lively urban regions are criss-crossed with beautiful, dense forest areas and huge lakes. A detour to the thundering Niagara Falls should not be missed. In addition, sporting activities such as fishing, horse riding or white water rafting are always popular diversions on a vacation in Canada.

According to andyeducation, Canada is the largest country on the North American continent, and its area even towers over the USA. For this reason too, Canada is a travel destination for individualists. In this country, the traveler can still experience the vast, untouched nature up close. Much of Canada is sparsely populated and characterized by endless plains and forests. Moose, bears, wolves, birds of prey and numerous other animals live there. They have found a home, mainly thanks to the many national parks. Tourists in Canada can spend their vacation in the national parks with a romantic fire place in lodges.

Best travel time for Canada

Spring, summer and autumn are ideal for all tours, even if you want to go skiing, whereby winter or the beginning of spring are of course also suitable for skiing. For campers and those who want to visit the far north, the summer months of July and August are best. Most of the festivals also take place in summer. It should be noted that the peak of the tourist season is between Victoria Day (late May) and Labor Day (early September). In spring and autumn there are fewer tourists and lower prices than in the summer months, but some tourism-oriented facilities and attractions may be closed during this time.

Canada Landmarks

With a size of 10 million square kilometers, the second largest country in the world has a large number of different attractions and sights to offer its visitors.

A lot of visitors come to see the capital of the country in particular. Vancouver every tourist should have seen it at least once.

The capital British Columbia is rather something for those interested in history. There are many buildings and remains from the colonial era to visit, almost all of which are still in excellent condition. Victoria’s landmark is the ivy-covered Empress hotel. There is also an old Victorian town center and many well-kept parks. The Inner Habour is great for shopping. This is also the meeting point for most of the locals.

Duffy Lake is an attractive winter and summer sports area. There is even a second reservoir here, the Setonlake. Nearby is Lillooet, a small town with a wildly wild gold digger past. Even over thirty degrees in summer are not uncommon here.

Tourists interested in art should check out Chemainus. It is also called the city of painted houses. Here in the holiday resort, the history of the country is told through the pictures on over thirty huge facades.

For nature lovers, the Pacific Rim National Park is an absolute must. The park is located directly on the stormy west coast of the Pacific. The eleven-kilometer-long sandy Long Beach is a bit strange to look at, as there is tons of driftwood that has washed ashore. The over four hundred square meter park with its ancient rainforest is under nature protection.

The small fishing village of Telegraph Gove has achieved a certain degree of popularity with its colorful houses built on stilts. Although only about twelve people live here, tourists like to come here because you can watch killer whales on the coast there, especially in summer.

Alert Bay also has a lot to offer. The village is located on a tiny island and is the tribal area of ​​the Kwakiutl Indians. The place is best known for its particularly expressive carvings. There are old, brightly painted totem poles all over Alert Bay.

The Olympic city of Calgary is also a must. It is located near the Banff and Jasper National Parks, which are popular with tourists. The city itself also has various sights to offer, such as the Olympic Center, the Eau Claire Market, the Heritage Park or the view from the Calgary Tower.

Edmonton is great for shopping as it has the huge West Edmonton Mall. You will also find a lot of smaller shops, as well as amusement parks, a roller coaster or a water world. But the city has a lot more to offer.

The Banff Springs Hotel is something special. It is located in the middle of the park of the same name and has existed there since 1888. It was built in a fantastic landscape with hot springs nearby. Various activities in terms of winter and summer sports are possible here, as well as visiting hot thermal baths or trips to various museums.

Jasper is a town in the mountains of the Rockies. From here a cable car leads to the Whistler Mountains from where you have a wonderful panoramic view of the city. The city is located in the national park of the same name, a visit to which is an absolute must. Admission is not free, but it’s worth it.

Maligne Lake is another Canadian attraction. It is the largest lake in the Rockies that is fed by glaciers. You can explore the lake with rented boats.

Other attractions in Canada are Lake Louis, Athabascafall, Kelowna, Columbia Icefield, Peyto Lake, Hoodoos, Sicamous, Okanagan Valley and Osoyoos. There is a lot to discover in Canada, so that the vacation there just seems too short.

Canada Travel Information