Cascade County, Montana Weather

According to, Cascade County, Montana is located in the north-central part of the state. It is bordered by Glacier National Park to the west, and the Missouri River to the east. The county seat is Great Falls, which is also its largest city. The population of Cascade County was 81,327 at the 2010 census.

The history of Cascade County dates back to 1880 when it was created from parts of Lewis and Clark and Chouteau counties. The county was named for the many waterfalls in the area, including Great Falls, which has a drop of more than 500 feet. Great Falls was first settled in 1883 by Paris Gibson, who established a sawmill there. Over time, Great Falls grew as an industrial center for processing grain and livestock from nearby farms and ranches.

Today, Cascade County is home to many attractions such as Giant Springs State Park which features a natural spring with over 156 million gallons of water flowing every day as well as Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center which offers exhibits about the expedition’s journey through Montana in 1805-1806. Other popular attractions are Electric City Water Park, C M Russell Museum Complex, and Sun River Canyon Trailhead which offers hiking trails with spectacular views of the Missouri River Valley.

Cascade County has been home to some famous people including astronaut Sidney M. Gutierrez who flew two space shuttle missions in 1989 and 1994; actor Erika Christensen who starred in films such as Traffic (2000) and Flightplan (2005); singer/songwriter Jeff Ament who is a founding member of Pearl Jam; artist Charles M Russell whose works are displayed at museums around the world; football player Ryan Leaf who played for Washington State University during his college career; author Ivan Doig whose works include This House of Sky (1978) and Sweet Thunder (2009); and former U.S Senator Max Baucus who served eight terms from 1978 to 2014.

Climate and weather in Cascade County, Montana

According to, Cascade County, Montana has a semi-arid climate with cold, dry winters and warm, wet summers. The average winter temperature is around 20°F/-7°C and the average summer temperature is around 70°F/21°C. Snowfall in the county varies from year to year but typically ranges from 25-50 inches annually. The area receives an average of 15 inches of rain each year and experiences an average of 200 days of sunshine.

The hottest temperatures in Cascade County occur in July and August when daytime highs can reach 90°F/32°C or higher. During these months it is not uncommon for temperatures to remain above 80°F/27°C for several days in a row with nighttime lows remaining above 60°F/15°C. The coldest temperatures are usually found during the winter months when temperatures can drop below 0°F/-18°C at night and rarely exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

Winds can be strong throughout the year due to Cascade County’s location near the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains regions. In summer, winds are generally light but gusts may reach up to 30 mph on some occasions. In winter, winds tend to be stronger with gusts up to 50 mph not uncommon.

The area also experiences extreme weather such as thunderstorms with hail, high winds, heavy rain and occasional tornadoes during spring and summer months as well as occasional blizzards during winter months. Despite this, severe weather events are rare in Cascade County compared to other parts of Montana due to its position away from major storm tracks.

Transportation in Cascade County, Montana

Cascade County, Montana offers a variety of transportation options for its residents and visitors. The most common form of transportation is by car, with the majority of locals owning at least one vehicle for personal use. There are several major highways which run through the county, including Interstate 15 and US Highway 87. These roads provide access to nearby cities such as Great Falls, Havre, and Helena as well as other states such as Idaho and Wyoming.

Public transportation in Cascade County is limited but available in some areas. The Great Falls Transit District operates buses throughout the county that connect residents to local destinations including shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and government offices. Additionally, Amtrak operates a daily train service from Great Falls to Whitefish which passes through Cascade County on its way north.

For those looking for an alternative way to get around the county there are also several taxi companies that offer services within Cascade County. These companies typically charge a flat fee for trips within the county but may charge extra for longer trips or additional passengers. Additionally, ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are available in certain areas of Cascade County and can be used to travel between towns or cities within the area.

Finally, there are several airports located within Cascade County that offer both domestic and international flights for travelers looking to get away or visit from abroad. The two main airports located in the area are Great Falls International Airport which serves Great Falls and Helena Regional Airport which serves Helena. These airports provide access to major cities throughout the United States as well as international destinations such as Mexico City or Vancouver in Canada.

Cities and towns in Cascade County, Montana

According to Countryaah, Cascade County, Montana is home to several cities and towns that offer a variety of attractions and amenities to residents and visitors alike. The largest city in the county is Great Falls, which serves as the county seat and gateway to the rest of Montana. Great Falls is known for its vibrant downtown area which features an array of retail stores, restaurants, art galleries, and entertainment venues. Additionally, Great Falls is home to an historic district with numerous buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The city of Havre is another major city located within Cascade County which offers plenty of attractions for visitors and locals alike. This city features a lively downtown area with several unique shops and eateries as well as numerous parks and recreation areas. Additionally, Havre also hosts multiple events throughout the year such as the Annual Summerfest Celebration or the Stampede Rodeo in July.

Those looking for a more rural experience can visit one of Cascade County’s many small towns such as Belt, Monarch or Floweree. These quaint communities offer a slower pace of life where visitors can take advantage of outdoor activities such as fishing or hunting in addition to exploring local attractions including historic sites or museums.

Finally, Cascade County also includes several unincorporated towns such as Vaughn or Carter which are spread across its vast landscape. These towns provide a unique insight into local culture while still providing access to some modern amenities such as convenience stores or gas stations that make them ideal for travelers looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure.