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Landmarks in Oman

March 10, 2024 computerannals 0

Oman, a country on the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, is a land of contrasts, blending ancient traditions with modern development. Its landmarks reflect […]

Holidays in Turkey

Holidays in Turkey

May 20, 2022 computerannals 0

Is it worth vacationing in Turkey? Turkey is a country especially loved by Russian tourists. Here everyone will find something to their liking, but before […]

World Bank History

World Bank History

July 2, 2021 computerannals 0

The emergence The World Bank lends money and provides technical support to developing countries, with the aim of helping them reduce poverty. According to computergees, […]

Bahrain Border Map

Bahrain 2003

March 3, 2021 computerannals 0

In 2003, Bahrain was a small island country located in the Persian Gulf. Its economy was mainly based on oil and gas production, with some […]