Equatorial Guinea Border Map

Yearbook 2003

Equatorial Guinea. According to Countryaah.com, Equatorial Guinea Independence Day is October 12. The government was reformed in February and several new parties were allocated ministerial posts. In practice, however, all these parties were already closely allied with the government. The only significant opposition party, the Social Democratic Assembly, rejected the offer of participation in a unifying government as long as its secretary-general Placido Mico Abogo sat imprisoned. He was one of 31 opposition politicians who were sentenced in 2002 to long prison sentences for alleged involvement in a coup attempt. In August, Mico Abogo was pardoned and released, which was seen as a first small step toward reconciliation following the highly-criticized presidential elections of 2002.

A border conflict sailed up with Gabon since Gabonese forces landed on the small island of Mbagne in the Bay of Corisco just outside the two countries’ common border. Equatorial Guinea claimed that the island has been claimed since the colonial era, while the Gabonese government marked its claim on Mbagne by sending a delegation of leading politicians and military to the island, whose surroundings are believed to contain large oil deposits.

Equatorial Guinea Border Map

Republic of Equatorial Guinea Brief Guide

According to AbbreviationFinder, Equatorial Guinea is a state in Central Africa. Its neighbors are Cameroon and Gabon. The country consists of the islands of Bioko (formerly Fernando Po) and Annobón, as well as the Río Mun region on the mainland. The capital Malabo is on the island of Bioko.