Eswatini Border Map

Yearbook 2003

Swaziland. According to, Eswatini Independence Day is September 6. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) criticized Swaziland at the beginning of the year for plans to buy a jet plane to King Mswati for the equivalent of just over SEK 340 million. The sum is twice as large as the country’s annual budget for health care. The Minister of Finance rejected the criticism and explained that Swaziland does not need to receive advice based on how the country’s economy should be managed.

About a third of Swaziland’s population received international food aid during the year. The famine was due to the drought in southern Africa but was also linked to the AIDS disaster. Nearly 40% of the adult population in Swaziland is HIV-infected, and many have already lost their lives in AIDS. The estimated average life expectancy has dropped dramatically from 61 to 37 in ten years.

The parliamentary elections in October received a low turnout after the largest trade union organization, SFTU, called for a boycott. SFTU is an important language for the opposition because political parties are banned.

Eswatini Border Map

The Kingdom of Swaziland Brief Guide

According to AbbreviationFinder, Swaziland is a kingdom of about one million inhabitants in the interior of southern Africa, between Mozambique and South Africa. It is a rare exception among African countries, as it follows the pre-colonial state in its borders and mainly administratively.

The country and its Bantuka inhabitants are named after King Mswati II, who ruled in the 19th century.

Check that your basic vaccinations are valid (tetanus, polio and diphtheria). Hepatitis A and B vaccinations and malaria medication are recommended for the trip.

If you arrive in Eswatin from the yellow fever area, an international vaccination card must be presented for yellow fever vaccination. According to the World Health Organization, a single dose of yellow fever vaccine provides lifelong protection against yellow fever. However, to avoid possible ambiguity, we recommend that a medical certificate in English be sought for a yellow fever vaccination certificate that is more than 10 years old, stating that vaccination provides lifelong protection.

When traveling to Eswatin from a destination outside the yellow fever area, no vaccination certificate is required. However, there may be unexpected changes in flight routes that may also affect vaccination requirements. Due to such situations, we recommend that you always carry a valid vaccination certificate with you.
Please always check the vaccination requirements at your health center or the vaccination advice of the tourist clinic