Faroe Islands 2003

Faroe Islands Border Map

The Faroe Islands are an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The archipelago is located in the North Atlantic, 37 miles north of Scotland, halfway between Denmark and Greenland. The Faroe Islands have their own parliament, the parliament, which appoints a local government, the government, whose chairman is called the lawman. However, foreign and defense policy is managed from Copenhagen. The most important industries are fishing, fish farming and industry and service related to fishing.

Yearbook 2003

Faroe Islands. In June, the Faroe Islands took a step towards independence from Denmark. The self-government government’s leader, lawman Anfinn Kallsberg, and Denmark’s Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen signed a plan for how the Faroe Islands will take over the judiciary, police, etc. from Denmark.

The plan must be approved by the Faroese Lagting and by the Danish People’s Parliament before it is expected to take effect in connection with the Faroe Islands National Day 2004. Foreign, security and citizenship issues are exempt from the plan. These areas remain under Danish control until the Faroe Islands demand full independence, a decision to be preceded by a Faroese referendum.

In 2003, the kingdom received DKK 615 million in grants from Denmark.

In December, the self-governing government split and Kallsberg announced new elections until January 2004.

Faroe Islands Border Map