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The most beautiful cities in Franconia

The Franconian cities are probably not the No. 1 of your favorite city break destinations – but we’re going to change that now. Here are three really beautiful cities in Franconia.


Big city feeling meets medieval flair

According to Calculatorinc, Nuremberg is even the second largest city in Bavaria after Munich .

Nevertheless, Nuremberg has none of the stereotype of the anonymous big city. The old city wall , the medieval imperial castle and the colorful half-timbered houses in the Weißgerbergasse are just really rustic.

In addition, the documentation center is one of the most moving museums of all.


Little Italy in Franconia

A city that was built on seven hills – don’t we already know that from Rome ?

At the latest when you are sailing through Little Venice in a gondola over the Regnitz and have a delicious gelato afterwards, you will feel like you are in Italy .

In addition, you should definitely visit the Bamberg Cathedral , which is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site .


Attention culture lovers!

If you like historical buildings, you will love Würzburg: the Würzburg Residence , the Hofkirche , the old Main Bridge and of course the huge Marienburg Fortress are just a few highlights.

Otherwise we just love Würzburg for the open flair of a university town , romantic walks through the small streets and the great view over the Main .

That’s really “typical Franconia”

What do you travel for if not for the lovable peculiarities of foreign regions? And Franken also has one or the other. Here are three things we associate with Franconia .

#1 It’s about the sausage : namely the Franconian bratwurst. They are available in all colors and shapes, with rolls, sauerkraut, with beer or, if necessary, simply on their own.

#2 Frangisch : When the Franconian comes up with words like “Haichemuggela” or “Gaggala”, the rest of Bavaria looks stupid too. Because Franconian is such a dialect of its own.

#3 An unbelievable concentration of breweries : In Franconia there are more breweries with their own beers than almost anywhere else. People also like to jokingly talk about the regions “Beer Franconia” and “Weinfranken”.

The best nature travel destinations in Franconia

Even better known than for pretty towns and crunchy sausages, Franconia is for beautiful excursion destinations in nature. Here are our top 3.

Franconian Switzerland

Land of caves and castles

Franconian Switzerland is one of the most beautiful nature parks in the region. There are a good 1,000 caves , umpteen mystical castles and palaces and a traditional steam train that could also take you to Hogwarts Castle.

If you only have time for the ultimate photo motif , then of course it has to be the Felsburg Tüchersfeld . The small half-timbered house sticks to the rock face in an almost magical way.

Fichtel Mountains

fairytale forests

Typical of the Fichtelgebirge are the bizarre rock formations made of granite , which look as if a giant had been petrified there.

In winter, the Fichtelgebirge transforms into a fairytale snowy landscape with a variety of great ski areas . In summer you can try one of the many hiking trails instead.

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Green fields and lots of wine

The landscape of the Mainschleife reminds us of our homeland, the beautiful Moselle region .

Green meadows cover the hills like velvet blankets and the Main meanders in between and wine grows on every slope.

The area is perfect for extensive bike tours . And if you want to stop off in between, you will find picturesque villages.

Wellness holiday in Franconia

With Bad Kissingen, Franconia has one of the most famous health resorts in Bavaria. Perfect for a wellness weekend just for you!

The KissSalis Therme Bad Kissingen has even been awarded as the best thermal bath in all of Germany. There is a large thermal landscape , various saunas and a wide range of massages and beauty treatments.

If you want a little more pampering, there are also fantastic wellness hotels in Franconia , which you can combine with a hiking holiday, for example.

Main loop Franconia