Holidays in Turkey

Holidays in Turkey

Is it worth vacationing in Turkey?

Turkey is a country especially loved by Russian tourists. Here everyone will find something to their liking, but before going here, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of this direction.


  • Recreation is quite cheap;
  • Many hotels with the All Inclusive system, which allows you not to strain during your vacation;
  • Russian tourists are loved here, in many hotels the staff is Russian-speaking, traders in the markets and sellers in shops also often speak Russian;
  • The tourist infrastructure is highly developed;
  • Flying from the European part to Turkey is quite short;
  • No visa regime;
  • Excellent climate for family holidays;
  • There are not only beaches, but also interesting sights;
  • Great opportunities for outdoor activities, especially for diving;
  • Inexpensive interesting shopping;
  • Interesting nightlife.


  • A very large number of tourists who do not always behave decently;
  • Many locals try to deceive uncomprehending tourists;
  • Not everyone likes the Muslim order in the country, although they are not very pronounced here, especially in the resorts;
  • It is not very safe for single women to walk in the evenings in large cities;
  • The situation in the country is not very stable.

IMPORTANT: As a result, we can say that Turkey is an inexpensive country with excellent service and almost no language barrier. The cons are not so significant, especially if you do not plan to deviate from the tourist routes and just want to relax on the beach adjacent to the hotel.

Turkish Cuisine

According to, the basis of Turkish cuisine is beef or lamb, legumes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant, bread and rice, as well as a variety of spices. Popular dishes are most often made from minced meat – these are kefta and kebabs, stewed in sauce or grilled. Almost every meal is accompanied by meze – various cold appetizers.

Local sweets deserve special attention, especially Turkish delight and baklava. Of interest are sweet drinks – sakhlep (sweet milk with cinnamon and orchid root) and bozu – a mixture of water with flour and sugar. Turks drink a lot of tea and coffee. Alcohol is rarely consumed, mainly beer, wine and raka, a sweet liquor.

Entertainment and attractions in Turkey

It is no less pleasant to relax in Turkey in winter than in summer, because at this time, without the sweltering heat, you can see interesting local sights. You can see, for example, the riches of Cappadocia: citadels, mosques and ancient buildings. There are a lot of attractions in Istanbul – palaces, ancient buildings, bridges, mosques and much more.

Another great option for winter recreation is skiing, which is successfully combined with a warm climate, clean sea air and swimming in indoor pools. At the same time, the prices for such a vacation are significantly lower than in Europe, and sometimes even than in Russia.

Of the ski resorts in Turkey, the following can be distinguished:

  • Kartalkayu;
  • Palandoken;
  • Uludag;

All of them also offer other outdoor activities, such as golf.

At any time of the year, but especially in winter, in Turkey you can relax at the healing springs and improve your health. Thalassotherapy is especially developed in Kangal, Pamukkale and Yalova, although there are opportunities for it in other places. An additional healing effect is provided by clean air and a mild climate.


Active entertainment in Turkey is extremely widely represented in almost all resorts:

  • Kusadasi, an ideal place for mini golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, aerobics and scuba diving;
  • Analya, a whole area with volleyball and tennis courts in almost every resort. There are also fitness centers, swimming pools and opportunities for paragliding and diving;
  • Marmaris is a great place for club and disco recreation, as well as horseback riding, yachting, rafting and safari;
  • Dalaman is a resort where you can go canoeing and do fitness, gymnastics and surfing. Special extremals can raft down a mountain river;
  • Bodrum is a resort with horseback riding, windsurfing, paintball, parasailing, courts and sports fields.

Vacation with children

Almost all resorts in Turkey are great for families with children of all ages. The exception is, perhaps, Avsallar due to the uneven bottom, and Marmaris is a very noisy resort, intended mainly for young people. Separately, it is worth noting two resorts:

  • Here is the famous in Russia park “Moonlight”. It has a sandy beach, a dolphinarium and water attractions, as well as a small club for kids. Every day, the park hosts entertainment programs that will appeal to children of different ages;
  • Igcekum is a resort in the Alanya area. It is especially famous for its well-maintained beaches with fine clean sand. Rest here with family and children is very comfortable.

Turkey Hotels

There are really a lot of hotels in Turkey, so you need to choose from them very carefully. The problem lies also in the fact that “star” is not always an indicator of the quality of the hotel. Sometimes even nearby four-star hotels can be very different from each other, so it is important to pay attention to reviews. Almost all hotels have the “All Inclusive” system, so beloved by our tourists.

In Istanbul, hotels are also very different, for example, in the Laleli district, where shopping enthusiasts often come, the level of service is slightly lower. This is due to the popularity of the area.

Not all hotels are open during winter. Five-star hotels with indoor pools are open all year round. Also, hotels that specialize in thalassotherapy are not closed for the winter.

Holidays in Turkey