Hollywood, California

Hollywood, California

The name alone makes hearts beat faster. Hollywood is not only guaranteed to be the most famous district of Los Angeles, it is also the synonym for an entire industry. Entertainment is made in Hollywood, on all levels.

It is not just the big film studios that have settled in Hollywood. The music industry and major television networks in the United States are also based in Hollywood. So much glamor and glamor, so much media presence and so many celebrities have of course had a lasting effect on this “district”, which with its well over 200,000 residents (and the trend is rising) could easily be its own city. Speaking of which. Twice in this new millennium, there have already been plebiscites aimed at Hollywood’s independence from Los Angeles. Both failed, however.

A small place breaks the supremacy of New York

Hollywood, which literally means “holly forest”, is a very young settlement. It was only “discovered” at the end of the 19th century by a real estate agent who subsequently began selling properties. In November 1903 the place became an independent municipality. There was now a post office, a hotel and even a newspaper for the 500 or so residents. Hollywood grew rapidly and in 1910 it merged with Los Angeles. For Hollywood at that time this brought an enormous advantage: the place had access to the water supplies of the large neighboring city in one fell swoop and was thus able to secure its supply with the vital water.

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1910 was a fateful year for Hollywood for another reason. That year the first film was shot there – “In old California”. The troupe, which had worked for several months in Hollywood and the surrounding area, returned to New York, the then center of the film industry, after filming was completed. But they had come to know and appreciate the possibilities of the west coast. In 1911 the first film studio was founded in Hollywood, in 1915 the monopoly of New York was broken and Los Angeles and Hollywood were on the way to becoming the nation’s undisputed dream factory. Nobody has ever been able to take this status away from the city.

Hollywood for tourists

Films, their makers and their stars are of course the focus of every visit to Hollywood. The “ Walk of Fame ” is therefore a must for every visitor.

Over 2500 stars for show business personalities can be found in the pavement slabs along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. The crowds remain at the stars of Elvis Presley (6777 Hollywood Blvd.), Marilyn Monroe (1644 Hollywood Blvd.) John Lennon (1750 Vine St.), and Michael Jackson (6925 Hollywood Blvd., in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater). But James Dean (1719 Vine St.) is still very busy. By the way, the stars on the “Walk of Fame” are not only used to honor living or dead celebrities from the entertainment industry. Art figures such as Donald Duck, the bear Winnie the Pooh and the Simpsons have also earned their star. With the collie “Lassie” and the German shepherd dog “Rin Tin Tin” even four-legged friends are represented.

“Hollywood Sign” is world famous

Hollywood wouldn’t be Hollywood without the famous sign in the Hollywood Hills, officially known as the “Hollywood Sign”. You can get a good look at it from the “Hollywood and Highland Center”, which is located on Hollywood Boulevard and is precisely aligned with the group of letters. We also recommend a visit to the “Griffith Observatory”, which is a little below the lettering. Here the Hollywood Sign is almost within your grasp and the view over Los Angeles has it all. Incidentally, the observatory itself is also worth a visit.

If you’re there before, don’t miss the Hollywood Hills. In and on this chain of hills with Mount Lee, where the Hollywood Sign stands, are the luxurious dream villas of the stars who made it in Hollywood. Some of them left for the Dolby Theater from there at one point or another with palpitations; another attraction. The theater is located on Hollywood Boulevard and is the site of the annual Academy Awards.

Of course, a visit to a film studio should also be part of the visit program. The classic for this is a tour of Universal Studios Hollywood and the affiliated theme and amusement park of the same name.

Hollywood highlights at a glance

  • Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street
  • Hollywood Sign from the Griffith Observatory
  • Hollywood Hills in Santa Monica
  • Dolby Theater on Hollywood Boulevard
  • Universal Film Studios, 100 Universal City Plaza

Hollywood, California