Kent County, Rhode Island Weather

According to, Kent County, Rhode Island is located in the southeastern corner of the state and is bordered by Washington County to the north, Providence County to the east, and Bristol County to the south. The county seat is East Greenwich, which is also the second oldest town in the state. The population of Kent County was estimated at 166,741 in 2019.

The history of Kent County dates back to 1647 when it was one of four original counties established in Rhode Island. It was named after England’s county of Kent and has since become home to many historic sites such as Fort Adams State Park and Smith’s Castle.

The attractions in Kent County are plentiful with something for everyone. There are several parks including

Lincoln Woods State Park, Colt State Park, and Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge. There are also many museums such as the Gilbert Stuart Birthplace & Museum and the Slater Mill Historic Site. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are several golf courses, beaches, trails, and marinas.

Famous people from Kent County include former Rhode Island governor Bruce Sundlun and United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Other notable individuals from the area include author H.P. Lovecraft, musician Buddy Guy, and Olympian Michelle Kwan.

In conclusion, Kent County is a great place to visit for its rich history, attractions, and famous people. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach or an exciting adventure in one of its parks or wildlife refuges, Kent County has something for everyone.

Climate and weather in Kent County, Rhode Island

According to, Kent County, Rhode Island is located in the southeastern corner of the state and has a humid continental climate. This means that it experiences hot summers and cold winters with plenty of precipitation throughout the year. The average annual temperature in Kent County is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, with temperatures ranging from highs in the mid-80s during the summer months to lows in the mid-20s during winter.

The area receives an average of 44 inches of precipitation per year, with most of it falling between April and October. Snowfall averages around 25 inches per year, with most snowfall occurring between December and March.

In general, Kent County experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year: spring (March-May), summer (June-August), autumn (September-November), and winter (December-February). Spring is characterized by mild temperatures and plenty of rainfall as plants bloom and wildlife comes out of hibernation. Summer brings hot temperatures and humidity as well as thunderstorms. Autumn brings cooler temperatures, shorter days, and colorful foliage. Winter brings cold temperatures, snowfall, icy roads, and shorter days.

Kent County has a pleasant climate that allows for outdoor activities throughout much of the year. From fishing to skiing to hiking trails to beaches – there’s something for everyone here.

Transportation in Kent County, Rhode Island

Kent County, Rhode Island is well served by a network of transportation options that make it easy to get around. Major highways in the area include Interstate 95, Route 4, and Route 102. These roads provide easy access to other parts of Rhode Island as well as nearby states like Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Public transportation in Kent County is provided by the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). The RIPTA bus system offers reliable service to major destinations throughout the county and beyond. There are also taxi services available in Kent County for those who need more flexible transportation options.

For those who prefer to drive, there are several parking garages located throughout the county as well as plenty of on-street parking spots. Drivers can also take advantage of carpool lanes during rush hour for a quicker commute.

For those looking for an alternative way to get around, there are also several bike trails that wind through Kent County’s parks and countryside. Bicycles can be rented from local shops or from one of the many bike share programs available in the area.

Finally, Kent County is served by two airports: T.F. Green International Airport and Westerly State Airport. These airports provide air travel options for both domestic and international flights.

Kent County has an efficient network of transportation options that make it easy to get around. Whether you’re looking for public transit or a private car – there’s something here for everyone.

Cities and towns in Kent County, Rhode Island

According to Countryaah, Kent County, Rhode Island is made up of five cities and sixteen towns. The county seat is the city of East Greenwich, which is located in the center of the county. Other cities in Kent County include Warwick, West Warwick, Coventry, and Cranston.

East Greenwich is a historic city with a quaint downtown area full of shops and restaurants. The city also boasts several parks and recreational areas as well as plenty of cultural attractions.

Warwick is a vibrant city located on Narragansett Bay. Visitors can enjoy its many beaches, marinas, and waterfront parks. The city also has a lively downtown area with plenty of shopping and dining options.

West Warwick is home to several industrial parks as well as several universities and colleges including the University of Rhode Island-Kingston campus. The town also has numerous parks for outdoor activities like hiking and biking trails.

Coventry is a rural town located in southeastern Kent County. It’s home to some beautiful lakes such as Johnson’s Pond and Worden’s Pond which offer great fishing spots for locals and visitors alike.

Cranston is the third largest city in Rhode Island and offers plenty of cultural attractions such as museums, galleries, theaters, and more. There are also several golf courses scattered throughout the town for those looking to hit the links.

The sixteen towns that make up Kent County include Charlestown, Exeter, Foster, Glocester, Hopkinton, Jamestown, Johnston, Narragansett New Shoreham (Block Island), North Kingstown, Richmond, Scituate South Kingstown, West Greenwich, Westerly,and Wood River Junction. These towns all have their own unique characteristics that make them special places to visit or call home.