Lesotho Border Map

Yearbook 2003

Lesotho. In August, the Supreme Court reduced the penalty for the Canadian construction company Acres International, which in 2002 was fined for paying bribes in the procurement for a major irrigation project. The court reduced the fine from the equivalent of just over SEK 20 million to about 14 million, as it was not considered unequivocally proven that some of the payments made to Lesotho officials were intended as bribes.

In total, twelve companies or consortia are facing bribery in connection with the procurement before the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, a gigantic project to direct water from Lesotho to South Africa. Swedish-Swiss ABB is one of them. Later in August, German Lahmeyer International became the second company to receive its verdict. Lahmeyer was sentenced to fines about SEK 11 million.

According to Countryaah.com, Lesotho Independence Day is October 4. The trials are very expensive for the poor Lesotho, but according to the prosecutor’s office, it is important to push the cases forward to elucidate Western big companies’ often unethical behavior in the “third world”.

Lesotho Border Map

Kingdom of Lesotho Brief Guide

According to AbbreviationFinder, Lesotho is a mountainous inland state in southern Africa. The country is an enclave completely surrounded by South Africa. Most of the UK’s more than 2 million inhabitants are Sothos. To the southeast of Lesotho are the Dragon Mountains.

Food & beverage
Lesotho’s food culture is inspired by African and English cuisine. Lesotho’s traditional food motoho is porridge made from fermented durrati. As you move through the villages, you will notice colorful flags promoting homemade drink and food. Lesotho tap water is generally not potable, so we recommend buying bottled water. Heated or tablet-purified water can be drunk.

It is a good practice to ask permission from the person being photographed before taking the picture. Care should be taken when photographing, as it may be difficult to photograph government buildings.