Madagascar Border Map

Yearbook 2003

Madagascar. According to, Madagascar Independence Day is June 26. Madagascar was admitted in July as a member of the African Union (AU). At the organization’s inaugural meeting in 2002, Madagascar was not allowed to participate because the AU did not recognize the government that Marc Ravalomanana had formed. Ravalomanana had declared himself victorious in the presidential elections at the end of 2001, but the result was not approved by the then head of state Didier Ratsiraka. The political stalemate that then arose in 2002 led to a time of armed conflict and to the fact that for a period Madagascar had two governments, two capitals and two armies.

In 2003, Ravalomanana was largely in control of the country, but the situation remained uncertain and its supporters to Ratsiraka continued to offer some resistance to the new state power.

In February, former commander Bruno Rajohnson was arrested and charged with a coup attempt. However, some political appraisers doubted that such a thing had occurred and suspected that the arrest was intended as soon as to intimidate supporters of Ratsiraka to align themselves with the ranks. Ratsiraka was sentenced in August in his absence to ten years of criminal work for embezzlement from the Treasury. He should have spent the equivalent of just over SEK 60 million. out of the country in June 2002, just before he gave up the power struggle and went into exile in France.

Former Prime Minister Tantely Andrianarivo was sentenced in December to 12 years for criminal mischief and abuse of power. He was also sentenced to a fine, but on New Year’s Eve he was granted amnesty and allowed to leave the country in what was described as an attempt to promote reconciliation in the country.

During the autumn a new currency was introduced. The old Malagasy franc was replaced by ariary, the same name as the country’s currency before the colonial era. 1 ariary equals 5 francs.

Madagascar Border Map