Maharajas’ Express, India

Maharajas' Express, India

The Maharajas’ Express train is the Indian alternative to the popular Orient Express in Europe. The unique hotel on wheels, which has established new criteria for the quality of service and the unsurpassed style of guest rooms, is built using the most advanced technical achievements. A fundamentally new system of hydraulic and pneumatic suspension of the train provides an unusually smooth and silent movement of the train, all compartments are equipped with LCD TV-monitors, wireless Internet Wi-Fi, telephone communication, individual climate control systems, bathrooms with modern sanitary ware of the highest class, effective cleaning systems water. Key facts about the opportunities available on board the most luxurious train in India:

Maharaja’s Express has two dining cars, Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal, each of which can accommodate 42 guests at a time. The exquisite interior design of the restaurants is designed to provide maximum comfort and free up additional free space for visitors. In a casual and relaxing atmosphere, highly qualified chefs will offer you a wide selection of European and traditional Indian cuisine, rich in seafood and fragrant spices.

In the relaxed atmosphere that reigns within the walls of the Safari Bar, sitting in a comfortable leather chair and enjoying the taste of fragrant wine from world famous brands, you will have fun with friends, enjoying the view of local landscapes through the panoramic windows. In addition to the elite spirits that are included in the tour price, you can also order other prestigious Indian and European wines, cognacs, whiskeys and innovative cocktails here.

The Maharajas’ Express train has a Raja Club lounge, decorated with ancient paintings and elegant expensive furniture, divided into a cozy seating area and a bar. Looking through the ancient colored tomes and rare collections of books in the quiet and homely atmosphere of the Raja Club, you can get acquainted with the history of the royal dynasties of Rajasthan, learn interesting facts about family diamonds and the interiors of medieval palaces in India, as well as play exciting board games, cards or scrubbing.

Each of the 14 passenger cars of the train is not inferior in chic and rich design to the brilliance of precious stones, after which it is named. The design of each compartment is individual, and combines oriental luxury and seasoned colonial style in its interior. Parquet made of natural mahogany, soft leather furniture, expensive carpets, paintings, an abundance of carved decorations and gilded ornaments, combined with the achievements of modern technology, make staying on board the Maharaja Express train extremely easy and comfortable.
All compartments of the train are furnished with single or double beds, have a seating area and a work area, as well as a bathroom with a toilet and a shower equipped with modern plumbing. In addition, Navratna’s luxurious presidential suite is a full-fledged hotel suite with two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room and a real bathroom, occupying the area of ​​an entire carriage.
All compartments of the Maharaja Express train are equipped with an air conditioning system, a water purification system (hot and cold water is available), DVD players, Wi-Fi Internet, LCD TV monitors, a telephone, and an electronic safe. All these conditions are designed to provide the maximum level of comfort during an exciting journey on board the train.

In memory of an unforgettable journey on board the Maharajas’ Express train, you can purchase unique handmade souvenirs made by the most skilled craftsmen. To do this, it is worth visiting the souvenir shop located in one of the express cars, which resembles a precious box from Indian fairy tales.

Maharajas' Express, India