Mamanuca, Fiji

Mamanuca, Fiji

The 13 tiny islands of the Mamanuca archipelago lie off the west coast of Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu. Almost every island has no more than one hotel, only about two dozen luxurious beach resorts. Beautiful reefs, lagoons and underwater life attract divers to the archipelago, and the “correct” winds attract surfers and yachtsmen. But still, the main specialization of this tropical paradise is the rest of the newlyweds. According to petwithsupplies, Mamanuca is one of the largest cities in Fiji.

On the islands of Monu and Monuriki, untouched rainforest has been preserved, on all the others – carefully guarded bird nests and turtle beaches.

How to get there

You can get to the luxurious Mamanuca Islands by water or by air, the price is about the same, but it’s better, of course, to fly like a bird. Firstly, the views are unrealistically beautiful, and secondly, it’s just faster (no more than 15 minutes). Sun Air fly daily from Nadi to Manu and Malololailai, as well as Turtle Airways and Pacific Island Seaplanes (the flight is more expensive, but there are even helicopters).

The popular “yellow boat”, which is actually called the Yasawa Flyer, is owned by Awesome Adventures and connects the South Sea island and, on request, the Bounty and Beachcomber. In addition to them, catamarans of Beachcomber Island Cruises (95 USD), Malolo Cat I & II (50 minutes between Malololailai and Denarau), South Sea Cruises (which have two high-speed catamarans and they connect almost all the islands of the archipelago, delivering not only to Nadi, but also between the Mamanuk areas of land).


As mentioned above, most of the hotels on Mamanuca occupy separate islands, providing their tourists with a lot of opportunities for both active beach holidays and lazy idleness. For example, a small and very cozy corner of Mamanuca that will appeal to fans of privacy is the Navini Island Resort, where there are only 10 small bunaglos with patios and a spa. Echoes him freely settled on a secluded island Tokoriki Island Resort, which is often chosen by newlyweds and couples in love.

The second most popular excursion is a trip to Monuriki, where Tom Hanks was talking to a volleyball, going crazy with loneliness. This is us about the movie “Outcast”, if that.

Family tourists often stay at the Bounty Island Resort. But Malolo Island is preferred by young people and surfers, in particular its Funky Fish Beach Resort. Compared to the rest of the Mamanuki islands, Malololailai has a truly large selection of hotels – as many as three: Plantation Island Resort with houses for up to four people, as well as Lomani Island Resort and Muscet Cove. Look for luxurious waterfront suites on Mana Island at Mana Island Resort & Spa.

Attractions and attractions Mamanuca

Most of the beauties of the archipelago are of a natural nature, therefore, all local excursions, as a rule, are focused on exploring some beach, forest or cave. The exception is a visit to the traditional Fijian village of Solevu on Malolo Island, where white gentlemen from the Old World are entertained with colorful kava ceremonies. In addition, there is a nice gift shop and a small church. The second most popular excursion is a trip to Monuriki, where Tom Hanks talked to a volleyball, going crazy from loneliness as a victim of a plane crash in the movie Cast Away. Here you can even visit the cave where the charming hero Tom lived.


For fans of active recreation, Mamanuc offers a whole bunch of services. For example, from the marina of Malololailai Island, you can sail under snow-white sails or even go on a cruise in search of dolphins. By the way, there is also a 9-hole golf course here (the second 9-hole Mamanuca course is located at the Plantation Island Resort).

For fans of diving, the archipelago is a paradise at all – local dive sites have long been considered one of the best in the world. It is worth visiting Mana Island, where two dive sites are waiting for scuba divers at once: Big W and Gotham City.

The second most popular sport on Mamanuca is surfing. Tanned, muscled guys and athletic girls with a board under their arm are waiting in the southwest of Malolo. There is a good surf center at the Funky Fish Fiji Surfing Resort. (Crab hunting, deep-sea fishing and kiteboarding are also offered here.) Wadigi Island Resort offers kayaking and kayaking or glass-bottom boat trips along the coast. And on Malolo, there are excellent trekking trails to the top of the island, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the chains of Mamanuca and Yasawa islands.

Mamanuca, Fiji