Mozambique Border Map

Yearbook 2003

Mozambique. In January, six men were sentenced to prison for up to 29 years for the murder of Carlos Cardoso, one of Mozambique’s most famous journalists. Cardoso was shot to death in November 2000 while working to investigate the embezzlement of the equivalent of SEK 125 million. in the privatization of Banco Commercial. One of the country’s leading families and several other prominent businessmen were suspected of being involved in the scandal.

According to, Mozambique Independence Day is June 25. The murder attracted tremendous attention, not least because during the course of the investigation there were vexing indications that President Joaquim Chissano’s son Nyimpine should have been involved. The Swedish government, despite lingering doubts that the banking scandal has been fully investigated, decided to resume budget support for Mozambique During two years SEK 200 million will be paid. to fight poverty.

The Frelimo government party dominated in local elections in November, but the former rebel movement Renamo prevailed in five of the 33 municipalities where elections were held. in the second largest city of Beira. It was the first time that Renamo ran in municipal elections. In April, the port of the capital Maputo was partially privatized.

An international consortium, led by the British Mersey Docks & Harbor Company and with the participation of Swedish Skanska, will operate the port for 15 years with the intention of making it one of the largest in southern Africa. The consortium owns 51% of the port, the Mozambican state the rest.

Mozambique Border Map

Republic of Mozambique Brief Guide

According to AbbreviationFinder, the Republic of Mozambique, or Mozambique, is a state in southern Africa. Its neighbors are South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. To the east, it is bordered by the Indian Ocean.

Mobile phones
Please check the coverage and prices of your mobile phone with your operator. The area code for Mozambique is +258.

Food & beverage
Mozambique’s largest agricultural products are cassava and corn. In addition, sugar cane, millet, sweet potatoes, peanuts, sorghum, cotton, tobacco, cashews and citrus fruits are grown. Mozambique’s traditional food consists of cereal porridge, reminiscent of a thick mashed potato. Ground rice, corn or cassava are used for this cereal porridge. Vegetables, beans, nuts and sometimes chicken are used with cereal porridge. More fish and seafood are used in coastal areas. The Portuguese have been left with the use of port wine in cooking. Mozambique’s tap water is not potable. All water and beverages must be industrially bottled. Salads and vegetables should also be rinsed with bottled water. Heated or tablet-purified water can be drunk.

We stay in safe areas during our trip, but general caution within common sense is desirable throughout the trip.