Nauru 2003

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In 2003, Nauru was a small island country located in the South Pacific. It had a population of around 10,000 people, primarily speaking Nauruan and English. According to computergees, the capital city was Yaren, which is home to the Government Palace and several other important government buildings and monuments. The economy relied heavily on its phosphate mining sector with phosphates being the main export item. Tourism was also popular due to its stunning coral reefs and beaches, vibrant culture and historical sites such as Anibare Bay. In addition to its natural beauty, Nauru had a rich cultural heritage with traditional music, cuisine and art that blended Pacific Island influences with those from Australia and New Zealand. Despite its many challenges including poverty and political unrest in 2003, Nauru remained a vibrant country that held great promise for its future generations.

Yearbook 2003

Nauru. In January, President RenĂ© Harris was put to a vote of no confidence in Parliament. He had not received his budget bill and the opposition accused him of mismanaging the country’s economy. Harris had also been criticized for accepting asylum seekers in Australia in exchange for aid. He was replaced by former President Bernard Dowiyogo. A few days later, the vote of no confidence was annulled by the Supreme Court, which reinstated Harris. However, he resigned and Parliament elected Dowiyogo as president. According to, Nauru Independence Day is January 31. Parliament could not adopt the state budget because the opposition refused to cooperate to appoint a new president. The economic crisis worsened. From January to March, Nauru was also cut off from the outside world since the country’s telecommunications system crashed. In early March, Dowiyogo died of an acute heart disease during a business trip in the United States. As Acting President until the May elections, parliamentarian Derog Gioura was appointed. At the end of March, Parliament banned the offshore banks, which have been used for tax evasion and money laundering. The decision came after threats of sanctions from the OECD, which later removed Nauru from his black list of tax havens.

In the May 3 election, six new members joined Parliament. The most important election issues were the corruption and neglect of the country’s once-important phosphate resources, which are now almost completely depleted. The Nauru First Party, which says it wants to fight corruption, expanded its representation from one to three places. At the end of May, Fabian Ribauw from Nauru First Party was appointed new President. Ludwig Scotty, a minister of the former government, was elected president. But already in August, Scotty lost a vote of no confidence in Parliament and was forced to resign. Later, RenĂ© Harris was re-elected president.

More than 40 refugees, most Afghans, at an Australian detention camp in Nauru began a hunger strike on December 10 in protest against Australia refusing to process their asylum applications. At least 18 of them had to be taken to hospitals because of dehydration. Finance Minister Kinza Clodumar criticized Australia for not providing adequate asylum seekers, which is contrary to the two countries’ agreements on refugee reception.

Nauru Border Map

Nauru Brief Guide

According to AbbreviationFinder, Nauru has a tropical climate, with almost daily rainfall. Rainfall usually occurs as heavy but short-lived deafness. Laughter is located near the equator, so the air temperature is 26-32 degrees all year round and the seawater temperature is 28-29 degrees. The wettest season is from February to April as well as the drier season from May to November.

Food and drink
As inThe Pacific, a variety of fish species are used in the diet, such as tuna as well as vegetables and fruits. Water and beverages must be industrially bottled. It is also a good idea to rinse fruits and vegetables with bottled water. Heated or tablet-purified water can be drunk. Reheated foods should be avoided.

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