Resorts of Turkey

Turkish beaches

Resorts of Turkey


The southern resort of Turkey, located between the sea and the mountains. There are a lot of banana plantations, tangerine and orange trees, as well as long sandy beaches and beautiful sprawling palm trees.

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Tourists love this young resort for its proximity to the airport. Hotels here are similar to city hotels, there are many restaurants, bars, shops, water parks and discos. The city is good for shopping, outdoor activities and just lying on the beach, while the Old Town will appeal to fans of sightseeing.


Youth resort with numerous discos, bars and clubs. Water shows, foam parties, various stage performances are constantly held here, so the nightlife is very rich. And the wind from the Aegean Sea gives a wide scope for yachting and windsurfing.


A very picturesque resort with beautiful nature, mountains and coniferous forests. The climate here is very favorable, the beaches are pebbly, and the temperature is always slightly higher than in Antalya.


This resort is not very popular yet, but deserves attention. It has the purest waters of the Aegean Sea, excellent hotels on the mountains and the coast, as well as wonderful sandy beaches. The place is ideal for a relaxing holiday, as you will not find discos and bars here. But enjoy SPA-services and relaxation in thermal springs.


The most western resort on the Anatolian coast. The resort is famous for its beaches, especially the blue lagoon Oludeniz. The best way to enjoy the views is to fly over the resort in a paraglider.

The gift

This is the most expensive resort in Turkey with five-star hotels, luxurious beaches, SPA centers and the best golf courses.


A resort on the Aegean Sea, very beloved by tourists. The purest water and air are combined with typical resort activities such as clubs with show programs and an aqua park. There are opportunities for diving.


Istanbul is the main commercial and cultural center of the country.

Climate of Turkey

The weather in Turkey is heterogeneous, the climate is predominantly Mediterranean. In the resorts of the Black Sea, temperate sea is found.

Visa to Turkey

IMPORTANT: At the moment, you can stay in Turkey without a visa for 60 days. You will only need a passport. In addition, out of 180 days in the country you can stay no more than 90.

How to get to Turkey

By plane

The most convenient way to get to Turkey is by plane. Regular flights fly there from Moscow, Astrakhan, St. Petersburg and some other cities. Charters fly almost everywhere. Regular flights mainly fly to Istanbul.
From Novorossiysk, Sochi, Odessa and some other coastal cities to Turkey, you can take a ferry to Istanbul, Samsun, Trabzon and other ports.

Transport in Turkey

Between the cities of Turkey it is most convenient to travel by bus – there are even special tourist routes. Mini-buses are less convenient, but they can take you to remote cities.

Trains should only be used on popular routes, for example, between Istanbul and Ankara. Otherwise, inconvenient transfers and connections await you.

You can also fly around the country by plane, also between major cities.

Car rental in Turkey

You can rent a car with a driver’s license. You will need to leave cash as a deposit. Also, you must be over 21 years of age. Rent is about $40 per day including insurance.

Turkish money

The currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira. One lira contains 100 kurush. It is easiest to exchange money in exchange offices. Euros and dollars are accepted almost everywhere, and prices in foreign currencies are often lower.

Turkish beaches

Blue Lagoon

This famous place is considered one of the best beaches in Turkey, mainly because of the bright blue hue of the water. The sea is almost always calm here, the beach is sandy. All in all, a great place for a relaxing holiday.


Very beautiful beach near Antalya. It is quite difficult to access – mostly people swim up to it from the sea. There are no shops or entertainment venues, providing a very relaxing stay.

Iztuzu beach

An interesting beach, washed by the Dalyan River on one side, and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. Both reservoirs are very transparent. Sometimes you can see turtles here.

Cleopatra beach

This beautiful beach is an ideal place for noisy companies and couples to relax, as there are a lot of entertainment complexes and shops. The sand is fine and yellow.


This beach is ideal for families with children and the elderly. There are healing springs here, which will allow you not only to have a good rest, but also to improve your health. The water in the ore is crystal clear, as is the air.


This beautiful beach is considered a world reserve. It is very clean, with a smooth descent to the sea and coniferous trees on the coast. The infrastructure is very developed, there are many restaurants and hotels.


Patara is a beach for a relaxing holiday, without developed infrastructure and hotels. There is only one cafe here. High waves are ideal for surfers. In addition, interesting ruins of ancient buildings stretch along the beach area.

Ilica Beach

An ideal beach for outdoor activities, diving, as well as for bathing children – there is a shallow for about 100 meters, so you can not be afraid that the child will wander into the depths.


One of the cleanest white sand beaches in Turkey. The sand, however, was brought here, so that in some places pebbles are visible. The beach is ideally equipped for relaxation, there are opportunities for diving and surfing.


This beautiful beach is located near Antalya and near the airport, so there are many tourists here. At the same time, the beach is marked with the “Blue Flag”, that is, it is very clean.

Turkish beaches