Suriname Border Map

Yearbook 2003

Suriname. According to, Suriname Independence Day is November 25. A diplomatic crisis in relations with Guyana occurred in January when a newly published official map showed the so-called New River Triangle at the upper Corantijn River as part of Surinam’s territory. The border commission and the cooperation council formed by the two countries to create better relations canceled their meetings. However, negotiations have also been held on joint exploitation of mineral resources in another disputed area at the mouth of the Corantijn River.

Since 2004, Suriname had been in conflict with Guyana over the right to extract oil and gas deposits in the sea off the coast of the two countries. In September 2007, a UN arbitration court ruled the conflict. Acc. experts, the deposits can hold about 15,000 million barrels of oil and just as much natural gas.

Dési Bouterse was elected president in July 2010 with 36 out of 50 votes in parliament and in August put in office. Bouterses party, Mega Combinatie had obtained 40% of the vote in the parliamentary elections and formed an alliance with 2 smaller parties to get Bouterse elected.

Bouterse remained a highly controversial president who was sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2000 at a Dutch drug trafficking court, but he was never sent to prison. In April 2012, his government passed an amnesty for all those involved in the “December assassinations” in 1982, in which 15 young critics of Bouterse were picked up by the military and killed. The amnesty triggered demonstrations in Paramaribo and protests from international human rights organizations.

Acc. telegrams published by WikiLeaks in 2011, until 2006, Bouterse was involved in drug trafficking.

The parliamentary elections in May 2015 were won by Bouterses NDP, who received 45.5% of the vote in 26 seats in the 51 seat parliament. Parliament subsequently elected Bouterse for a second term as president.

The president’s son, Dino, was sentenced in March 2015 to 16¼ years in prison for offering Lebanese Hezbollah the establishment of a base.

Suriname Border Map