The Spectrum of Cambodia Parties

Cambodia political issues

After the parliamentary elections in 2013, Cambodia had developed from a multi-party to a two-party system, but is now de facto a one-party system. According to, the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), which was founded in June 2015 by Hun Sen after the death of long-time party president Chea Simhas ruled the country since 1979 and dominates Cambodia’s politics more than ever. The CPP derives its legitimacy primarily from its…

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Cambodia 2003

Cambodia Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Cambodia. The year began with a deep diplomatic crisis between Cambodia and Thailand. The developments began with a Thai TV star in an interview saying that she demanded that Cambodia’s national monument Angkor Vat, a Buddhist temple complex from the 8th century, “be returned to Thailand”. Angkor Vat was conquered and plundered by the Thais in the 15th century and then fell into oblivion for centuries. The actress…

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