Latvia Literature in the 1940’s

Latvia Literature in the 1940's

The decade 1930-40 recorded a fruitful and happy development of Latvian literature, due in part, as regards the education of young people, to the literary magazine Daugava, edited by Jānis Grīns. Among prose writers who grew up before the war, Kārlis Zariṇš stands out for his powerful realistic invention, balanced composition and sober style of his stories. After the internal changes in the state structure of Latvia, i.e. after 1934,…

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Latvia 2003

Latvia Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Latvia. At the beginning of the year, Russian companies stopped delivering oil to the Baltic Baltic port of Ventspils. Transit trade in oil is one of L’s most important industries, and the missing deliveries during the year meant a major financial breakdown. It was speculated that the Russian giant company Transneft was trying to exert pressure to gain ownership control in Ventspils Nafta, which is the Baltic region’s…

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