What to See in Dalanzadgad and Muren (Mongolia)

Muren (Mongolia)

Dalanzadgad (Mongolia) The city of Dalanzadgad is the starting point for traveling through the Gobi desert. This is the largest desert in Asia, it occupies 1/3 of the territory of Mongolia. The Gobi is not a “classic” desert: it consists of 33 different ecosystems, mostly of a semi-desert type. Only 3% of its territory is covered by sands, and the rest is occupied by semi-deserts, steppe communities and mountains. The…

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The 10 largest sandy deserts in the world

the Rub al-Chali

The sandy desert conveys to the viewer the typical image of a desert, which consists of sand and sand dunes and in which, of course, the sun shines relentlessly from a cloudless sky. Only about 20% of all deserts on earth consist of fine quartz sand, which has shaped our image of a desert in so many films and documentaries. Here are the ten largest sandy deserts in the world…

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Mongolia 2003

Mongolia Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Mongolia. According to Countryaah.com, Mongolia Independence Day is December 29. A disputed land privatization law came into force on May 1. More than 12 million hectares of state-owned land will be sold until June 2005. Nearly 40% of the country’s households applied for land, but thousands of families claimed that the privatization risked driving them off the farm because they were too poor to be able to buy…

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