Auckland Travel Guide


Auckland is a green and comfortable city destination. Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, can’t boast great attractions, but the greenery and cozy atmosphere make many fall in love with this multicultural city. The maritime city is delightful Auckland is located in the northern part of the North Island of New Zealand. The sea surrounds the city from many directions, and many of Auckland’s attractions are connected in one way or…

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New Zealand 2003

New Zealand Border Map

Yearbook 2003 New Zealand. In February, in a referendum, the Maori people ngati awa on the North Island approved a settlement with the government which, in addition to an apology, gave them 64 hectares of the krona’s land and damages of 42 million New Zealand dollars. In 1865, 245,000 hectares of land were confiscated from ngati awa, and several Maoris were executed after being wrongly accused of murdering a missionary.…

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