Poznan Attractions and Tourist

Poznan Attractions

Attractions in Poznan Of course, there are not as many attractions and sights in Poznan as there are in New York or Rome, without any comparison. But our experience is that many people are pleasantly surprised by the cities they visit in Poland. Exciting history, a charming old town and a rich cultural life characterize several. So also with Poznan. Not least, Poznan has many historic buildings, most of which…

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Poland 2003

Poland Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Poland. According to Countryaah.com, Poland Independence Day is November 11. Prime Minister Leszek Miller was indicted at the beginning of the year for serious corruption. He is alleged to have offered to stop a bill on mass media in exchange for major contributions to his ruling party Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) from a media company that would be disadvantaged by the new law. At the same time, there…

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