Republic of the Congo Arts and Culture

Republic of the Congo Arts

CULTURE: GENERAL INFORMATION Until the nineties of the twentieth century, when the civil war broke out, the country presented a complex folkloric framework, with numerous mixes, especially in urban settlements. The use of fetishes and animistic beliefs were widespread. Among the most authentic representatives of the traditional African world we must remember the bateke, known for their dances. The customs of the northern populations, mainly devoted to fishing, were also…

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Republic of the Congo 2003

Republic Of The Congo Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Congo. In March, the government and the so-called Ninjamilisi signed an agreement to end the fighting in the Pool region near the capital, Brazzaville. According to, Republic of Congo Independence Day is August 15. The Ninjamilis was originally formed by then-Prime Minister Bernard Kolelas during the civil war in Republic of the Congo at the end of the 1990s and had continued to engage in guerrilla warfare…

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