Bled Travel Guide


Picturesque Bled is one of the most amazing destinations in Slovenia. Calm lake scenery, green mountain slopes and a peaceful small town atmosphere – Slovenian Bled is ideal for travelers looking for nature experiences and a relaxing holiday. Bled is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Slovenia. The landscape is like a postcard and the surrounding Julian Alps offer great hiking and trekking opportunities for both beginners and…

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Slovenia 2003

Slovenia Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Slovenia. According to, Slovenia Independence Day is December 26. The Slovenes said in a referendum in March a resounding yes to membership in both the EU and NATO in 2004. Nearly 90% voted for accession to the Union, while NATO membership was supported by 66%. The turnout was 60%. That the support was less for joining the defense alliance may have been partly due to the referendum…

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