Sights in South Africa

Drakensberg, South Africa

The culture of South Africa is incredibly diverse due to the many different African tribes, the influence of the European settlers and the high proportion of the foreign population. The most diverse influences have come together here to form an unmistakably South African mixture. Depending on the region, the African, or the Indian, Dutch, English or French influence dominates. But no matter where, the cosmopolitan trend is unmistakable. There are…

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South Africa 2003

South Africa Border Map

Yearbook 2003 South Africa. In April, the African National Congress (ANC) strengthened its position in Parliament through a new law that allows members to change parties for a limited period without losing their seat. The ANC increased its mandate from 266 to 275 of the 400 members and thus for the first time got a two-thirds majority and the opportunity to change the constitution on its own. The increase was…

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