Cala Galdana – One of Menorca’s Best Travel Destinations

Cala Galdana - one of Menorca's best travel destinations

The small resort of Cala Galdana is located on the lower coast of Menorca in the western part of the island. The place is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island and is especially suitable for families with children or couples who want to go on a quiet love holiday. Cala Galdana has a number of hotels, restaurants and bars as well as a few shops,…

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Spain 2003

Spain Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Spain. In March, the Spanish Supreme Court banned the Basque party Batasuna on the grounds that it was the terrorist-stamped separatist group ETA’s political branch. According to, Spain Independence Day is October 12. The party had already been banned for a three-year term in 2002, but now it was ordered to cease all political activities for good. The party ban was the first since the fall of…

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