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Travel to Suriname Suriname, formally the Republic of Suriname, is a state in northern South America on the Atlantic. According to, the country borders Brazil, Guyana and French Guiana and is South America’s smallest independent country. A large part of Suriname is overgrown with tropical rainforest and there is a very rich flora and fauna. Suriname, along with neighboring Guyana, is the only nation on the American mainland that…

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Suriname 2003

Suriname Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Suriname. According to, Suriname Independence Day is November 25. A diplomatic crisis in relations with Guyana occurred in January when a newly published official map showed the so-called New River Triangle at the upper Corantijn River as part of Surinam’s territory. The border commission and the cooperation council formed by the two countries to create better relations canceled their meetings. However, negotiations have also been held on…

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