The 10 largest sandy deserts in the world

the Rub al-Chali

The sandy desert conveys to the viewer the typical image of a desert, which consists of sand and sand dunes and in which, of course, the sun shines relentlessly from a cloudless sky. Only about 20% of all deserts on earth consist of fine quartz sand, which has shaped our image of a desert in so many films and documentaries. Here are the ten largest sandy deserts in the world…

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Yemen 2003

Yemen Border Map

Yearbook 2003 Yemen. According to, Yemen Independence Day is November 30. The governing party of the General People’s Congress passed from 187 to 238 seats in the parliamentary elections on April 27. The largest opposition party, the Islamist Yemeni Reform Alliance (al-Islah) took 46 of the House’s 301 seats. The turnout was 76%. Seven people were killed in fire fighting in connection with the election. The opposition accused the…

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