Things to Do in La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium

La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium

According to Localbusinessexplorer, La Roche en Ardenne is a small town in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes in the province of Luxembourg. The face of the town is dominated by the Feudal castle of La Roche en Ardenne. Built here in the 11th century AD, this castle is still inhabited by the ghost of Berthe van La Roche who lived here in the Middle Ages. On summer evenings, a play about Berthe is staged in the castle. La Roche has a great attraction for tourists in the Ardennes. At any time of the day, a large number of tourists walk through the town. La Roche en Ardenne is also the ideal base for mountain bike rides or walks through the Ardennes nature.

Top 10 things to do in La Roche-en-Ardenne

#1. Castle ruins of La Roche
High above the town are the ruins of the medieval castle of La Roche. The oldest parts of these ruins date from the 11th century and have been extended several times in the following centuries. The castle ruins of la Roche are one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Every year many thousands of tourists come to the ruins. According to legend, the ruins are still inhabited by the ghost Berthe of La Roche. During a visit to the ruins you will learn everything about Berthe and you may even meet her.

#2. Museum Battle of the Bulge
In La Roche en Ardenne there was heavy fighting during the Battle of the Bulge. During the fighting, most of the town was destroyed and more than a hundred inhabitants of La Roche were killed. The Battle of the Bulge Museum looks back at this black page in the history of La Roche en Ardenne. The museum has several rooms that tell the story of the Battle of the Bulge. A large collection of weapons can be found in the armory. The veterans’ room contains a large collection of objects donated by veterans who took part in the Battle of the Bulge.

#3. Wildlife Park Gibier La Roche
Just outside the town on a hill known as Côte du Parc a Gibier is the wildlife park of La Roche. It is a nice small game park where some native and other European animal species can be found. you can walk through the park of just over a kilometer where you walk past the different animal species. Some wolves live in the park for a fee, it is possible to attend the feeding of the Wolves. At the park there is a restaurant with a large outdoor terrace in the summer months. There is also a large playground. The park is open daily from Easter to early November, the rest of the year on weekends and school holidays.

#4. Parc Chlorophylle
A few kilometers from the La Roche en Ardenne near the village of Dochamps is the Parc Chlorophylle. The beautiful large park has an educational function. During a walk through the park you will learn everything about life in the forest. The different animal species that live there and which trees and plants can be found in the Ardennes forests. Between the various educational pieces, there are various playground equipment and other climbing and clambering equipment for the children. During the walk you can take a walk between the tops of the trees via a wooden bridge.

#5. Mountain biking
Several mountain bike tours can be done from La Roche en Ardenne in different lengths and different levels of difficulty. The different MTB routes are indicated by the international MTB sign, a triangle with two circles underneath. The different routes all have their own color. A map is available at the local office du tourisme showing the different routes and the difficulty of the route. Those who do not have their own mountain bike can rent a mountain bike from one of the companies near La Roche or in the surrounding villages. However, it is wise to book these in advance to avoid disappointment.

#6. Purnalet
The Purnalet is a drink that has been made and drunk in La Roche en Ardennes since the time of the Romans. The recipe of the Purnalet has been passed down orally for generations. The main ingredient of the Purnalet is the blackthorn. The fruits of the blackthorn are picked after a period of frost, after which they are soaked in pots together with honey and gin. After about three months of pulling, the Purnalet is ready. After which it can be drunk ice cold.

#7. Tourist train
As in many popular tourist cities at home and abroad, there is also a tourist train in La Roche en Ardenne. This little train, known here as the P’tit Train, takes you along the various highlights in La Roche and the immediate vicinity. A ride on the P’tit Train will take approximately thirty-five minutes. During the ride you will pass the route de Chaleten, the Place du Bronze and Rompré street. During the tour you will learn everything about La Roche en Ardenne and the various sights in and around the city.

#8. Walking
Several walks through the beautiful forests in the Ardennes depart from La Roche en Ardenne. The different walks differ greatly in difficulty and length. Several maps are available at the local tourist office showing the different routes in the vicinity of the city or the villages in the vicinity. Some of these routes are suitable for walking with small children. Other routes are completely paved and are therefore suitable for walking with a pushchair. For the seasoned hiker, multi-day hikes also start from La Roche en Ardenne.

#9. Ourthe
The Ourthe is created after the Eastern Ourthe and Western Ourthe merge into the Ourthe. The Western Ourthe rises at the Belgian town of Libramont and the eastern at the town of Ourthe. La Roche en Ardenne is located on the so-called Basse-Ourthe, sometimes also referred to as Lower Ourthe. The Ourthe makes a loop along La Roche en Ardenne, making it seem as if the town is surrounded by the river. The Ourthe is an important source of income for La Roche, there are several canoe and kayak rental companies near the city. If the water level is high enough, you can also go rafting near La Roche en Ardenne.

#10. The Milling Museum The Milling Museum
is located in an eighteenth century mill not far from the center of La Roche en Ardenne. This old mill is no longer used for its original function. During a visit to the Maalderij museum you will learn everything about the mill and the grinding of grain. The Petite Strument, as the mill’s official name is, was last in operation in the 1960s. The museum is open daily during the summer and during the rest of the year during weekends and holiday periods. A hotel with restaurant is located near the mill.

La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium