Tour de France Overview

Tour de France Overview

Tour de France [turdə Frà ː s], road cycling: The most significant multi-stage race in the world for professional cyclists, the year in July in France is discharged.

Tracks and jerseys

The first tour was run in 1903, since then (except 1915–18 and 1940–46) it has been held annually in July. The 107th edition was postponed by two months to late summer due to the coronavirus pandemic (29.8. – 20.9.2020).

Today the route is around 3,500 km over 21 stages. The longest journey (1926) was 5,745 km. Since 1954 it has been customary to irregularly include neighboring countries (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain) in the routing (first start on Corsica in 2013). Important and often decisive mountain tests are held in the Pyrenees and Alps. In addition to daily sections through different terrain, there are also time trials: prologue (short individual time trial at the beginning of a Tour de France), team time trials and longer individual time trials. The »Tour« always ends in Paris, since 1975 on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. During the race, the leader in the individual classification wears that Yellow jerseyintroduced in 1919. Since 1933 there has been a mountain classification (dotted jersey; white with red dots) and since 1953 a points classification (green jersey) for the best sprinter (points in intermediate sprints and crossings). The best young driver (up to 25 years of age) has been wearing a white jersey since 1999 .

Driver and History

The most successful drivers so far are J. Anquetil, E. Merckx, B. Hinault and M. Induráin Larraya with five overall wins each. L. Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times, but his titles were stripped from him in 2012 because of doping. The first German overall victory came in 1997 with J. Ullrich. E. Zabel won the sprint classification in 1996-2001.

Doping has been a dominant topic in the Tour de France for many years. In 1998 two teams were excluded from the race after a systematic doping practice was discovered. J. Ullrich, not admitted. The provisional winner of the Tour de France 2006, Floyd Landis (* 1975), was stripped of victory after a positive doping test. In the years that followed, there were numerous other doping violations. Also A. Contador, winner of the Tour de France in 2007, 2009 and 2010, the victory in 2010 was subsequently charged with doping again denied. The L. Armstrong revoked titles from 1999-2005 were not reassigned.

Tour de France: Winner from 1947

Tour de France: The winners since 1947
1947 J. Robic France
1948 G. Bartali Italy
1949 F. Coppi Italy
1950 F. Kübler Switzerland
1951 H. Koblet Switzerland
1952 F. Coppi Italy
1953 L. Bobet France
1954 L. Bobet France
1955 L. Bobet France
1956 R. Walkowiak France
1957 J. Anquetil France
1958 C. Gaul Luxembourg
1959 F. Bahamontes Spain
1960 G. Nencini Italy
1961 J. Anquetil France
1962 J. Anquetil France
1963 J. Anquetil France
1964 J. Anquetil France
1965 F. Gimondi Italy
1966 L. Aimar France
1967 R. Pingeon France
1968 J. Janssen Netherlands
1969 E. Merckx Belgium
1970 E. Merckx Belgium
1971 E. Merckx Belgium
1972 E. Merckx Belgium
1973 L. Ocaña Spain
1974 E. Merckx Belgium
1975 B. Thévenet France
1976 L. Van Impe Belgium
1977 B. Thévenet France
1978 B. Hinault France
1979 B. Hinault France
1980 J. Zoetemelk Netherlands
1981 B. Hinault France
1982 B. Hinault France
1983 L. Fignon France
1984 L. Fignon France
1985 B. Hinault France
1986 G. LeMond USA
1987 S. Roche Ireland
1988 P. Delgado Spain
1989 G. LeMond USA
1990 G. LeMond USA
1991 M. Induráin Larraya Spain
1992 M. Induráin Larraya Spain
1993 M. Induráin Larraya Spain
1994 M. Induráin Larraya Spain
1995 M. Induráin Larraya Spain
1996 B. Riis Denmark
1997 J. Ullrich Germany
1998 M. Pantani Italy
1999 1) USA
2000 1) USA
2001 1) USA
2002 1) USA
2003 1) USA
2004 1) USA
2005 1) USA
2006 O. Pereiro 2) Spain
2007 A. Contador Spain
2008 C. Sastre Spain
2009 A. Contador Spain
2010 A. Schleck 3) Luxembourg
2011 C. Evans Australia
2012 B. Wiggins Great Britain
2013 C. Froome Great Britain
2014 V. Nibali Italy
2015 C. Froome Great Britain
2016 C. Froome Great Britain
2017 C. Froome Great Britain
2018 G. Thomas Great Britain
2019 E. Bernal Colombia
2020 T. Pogačar Slovenia
2021 T. Pogačar Slovenia
1) L. Armstrong (USA) were stripped of all titles after August 1st, 1998 because of doping; his 7 Tour de France titles have not been reassigned.2) F. Landis (USA) was subsequently revoked because of doping.

3) A. Contador (Spain) was subsequently revoked because of doping.

Tour de France Overview