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Goryachiy Klyuch Russia

The tour operator invites you to make a trip to Russia – a country of amazing natural beauty, rich history and hospitable hospitality. The hotels and services offered by us in Russia are of the highest quality (5* and 4* level). These are the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana, hotels on the coast of Sochi and resorts in the Krasnodar Territory, eco hotels in the Altai Territory. We are ready to draw up and offer a trip program for you to various parts of our country: ski resorts, rafting in Altai, horseback riding, team games, Spa and relaxation, a secluded vacation in eco-hotels in Altai. Welcome to Russia!


According to, the Solovetsky Islands (or Solovki), the land of harsh northern nature, is the largest archipelago of the White Sea in terms of area. It is located in its western part, 165 km from the Arctic Circle. The total area of ​​the archipelago is 347 km². In addition to the large islands – Big Solovetsky, Anzersky, Big and Small Muksalma, Big and Small Zayatsky – the archipelago also includes hundreds of small islands. Administratively, the Solovetsky Islands are part of the Primorsky municipal district of the Arkhangelsk region.


Novorossiysk breaks stereotypes. Novorossiysk is not only a port! It is located on the banks of the picturesque Tsemess Bay. It is surrounded by mountains on one side and vineyards on the other. In summer it offers a comfortable seaside holiday with equipped beaches for any tourist, but: – without a resort tax; – no crowds of tourists; – without resort extra charge. Center for wine and gastronomic tourism.

Sochi – Coast

The resort of Sochi is fully part of the State Natural National Park, and part of it is part of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. Sochi is the largest Russian resort on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, it is here that two elements of mountains and the sea create one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Virgin forests of Caucasian fir and beech have been preserved in the high-mountain belt. The unique climate of Sochi in its merits is not inferior to the mountain-climatic resorts of Switzerland, Italy, France.

The city occupies a coastal strip of 150 km, which is protected by the ridges of the Greater Caucasus from cold northern and eastern winds. Almost 300 days a year the bright sun shines in Sochi, the average annual air temperature is +14°C, and the swimming season lasts from May to October.

On the coast of Greater Sochi there are 44 recreational recreation areas, of which 12 zones are sandy and small pebble beaches. In total, there are 164 beaches on the territory of Greater Sochi, most of which belong to departmental health institutions.

The resort city of Sochi itself is divided into four districts: Adler (the highest), Khostinsky (the warmest), Central (the sunniest) and Lazarevsky (the longest). The permanent population of the city is 401.4 thousand people.

Krasnodar region

The Krasnodar Territory is the southernmost region of Russia and has access to the coast of both seas: the Azov and the Black. The length of the sea coast is 740 kilometers. The region is divided by the Kuban River into two parts: northern – flat and southern – mountainous. The climate in most of the territory is temperate continental, on the Black Sea coast (south of Tuapse) – subtropical. The average temperature in January on the plain is minus 3-5 degrees, in July – plus 22-24 degrees. The population is over 5 million people.

Anapa is a sunny resort on the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory, the number of sunny days per year is approximately 280 days. The swimming season is from mid-May to the end of September. Anapa is considered the only Russian resort with healing sandy beaches more than 40 km long.

On the territory of Anapa there are healing muds, as well as drinking mineral waters of four types and five types of waters for external use. Also silt and volcanic mud, which have both a healing effect and a cosmetic effect. Along Pionersky Prospekt there are more than 20 km long walking paths, which have drinking pump rooms with mineral water. At the moment, there are 6 such pump-rooms, and each of them has a conclusion on its use as a therapeutic and drinking water.

Gelendzhik is one of the most famous resorts on the Black Sea. The name of the city comes from the Turkic “white bride”. The city is located at the foot of the Markotkh Range, 25 km southeast of Novorossiysk. The city itself is located along the coast of the Gelendzhik Bay of the Black Sea, the entrance of which is 1 nautical mile. The resort of Gelendzhik includes more than 100 pebble beach areas with a length of more than 20 km.

In the very center of the bay there is a kilometer-long sandy beach. 12 kilometers of the embankment are the main attraction of Gelendzhik. It is located along the entire bay from Tolstoy to Thin Cape. Here you can see various and numerous alleys, beautifully decorated flower beds, Pitsunda pines, fountains, monuments and much more. Boat trips on yachts are carried out from the Gelendzhik embankment. The season here opens with the well-known Gelendzhik Carnival. It includes fireworks, various dances, theatrical performances. Exhibitions and concerts last about a week. No less interesting and colorful is the carnival on the water. It is dedicated to Navy Day. In addition to these carnivals, Gelendzhik organizes many other international festivals and competitions.

Goryachiy Klyuch
was founded as a resort in 1861.
Location: Goryachiy Klyuch is located 40-50 km from Krasnodar. The city is located on the M-4 highway. All road and rail links with the Tuapse and Sochi regions pass through the Goryachiy Klyuch. The distance from Goryachiy Klyuch to the nearest Black Sea resort – Dzhubga – is about 60 km.

The Goryachiy Klyuch resort is located in the foothill zone, which is distinguished by its picturesqueness. Goryachiy Klyuch is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly cities on our planet. There are no large industrial enterprises for tens of kilometers around. Forest cover occupies more than 70% of the district. Goryachiy Klyuch is characterized by silence and solitude.

Goryachiy Klyuch Russia