US 13 and 15 in Pennsylvania

US 15 in Pennsylvania

US 13 in Pennsylvania

US 13
Get started Marcus Hook
End Falls Township
Length 51 mi
Length 82 km

Marcus Hook


Ridley Park






Schuylkill Expressway

Roosevelt Expressway




Pennsylvania Turnpike



Fairless Hills


→ Trenton

According to existingcountries, US 13 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road forms largely a city highway parallel to Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania and runs through the Philadelphia suburban area and through the city itself. The last 6 kilometers of the road is a motorway, the rest are urban arterials. The US 13 has no logical course and regularly turns in a different direction. US 13 is 82 kilometers long in Pennsylvania.

Travel directions

US 13 at Glenolden.

US 13 in Delaware comes from Wilmington and runs along the Delaware River through industrial areas. Interstate 95 runs parallel to US 13, which therefore has no role outside of local access as an urban arterial. US 13 then follows a meandering route through the Philadelphia metropolitan area. US 13 makes frequent exits and is not a coherent through route. The road then crosses I-76 and crosses the Schuylkill River.

In the north of Philadelphia, US 13 follows part of Roosevelt Boulevard, which is mainly part of US 1. US 13 then runs parallel to I-95 through the northeastern suburbs of Philadelphia. The entire route is an urban arterial to Tullytown and then a narrow 2×2 lane highway to US 1 at Morrisville, where US 13 ends.


US 13 was created in 1926. The terminus has always been in Morristown, but since 1966 it has been routed over the freeway stretch to US 1.

Construction began on the four-mile stretch of highway in Bucks County in the mid-1950s. The section between US 1 and Falsington opened in 1955. In 1956 the rest of the highway opened up to Levittown. In 1958, the existing US 13 to Bristol was widened to 4 lanes, but this did not become a freeway.

Not built

By the late 1950s, routes were being sought for the construction of Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania. One of the proposals was through downtown Trenton, with the Pennsylvania run-up over current US 13 and the Bristol route becoming a highway. However, the plan was changed because the route through Trenton did not have enough capacity, and I-95 was given a more westerly route around the city. Plans were announced in 1969 to build the highway for 12 kilometers between I-95 in Bristol and the current stretch of US 13. The completion date was to be 1975. This fell through, however, and I-95 remains to this day the only through highway in the northeast Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Traffic intensities

The highway section has 21,000 to 24,000 vehicles per day.

US 15 in Pennsylvania

US 15
Begin Fairplay
End Lawrenceville
Length 195 mi
Length 314 km


South Gettysburg

Two Taverns

East Gettysburg








Wesley Drive






Shamokin Dam





North Williamsport

Garden View

Trout Run





Tioga State Forest


Canoe Camp


North Mansfield



New York

According to anycountyprivateschools, US 15 is a US Highway in the US state of Pennsylvania. The road is largely a highway or 2×2 divided highway and forms a north-south connection in the middle of the state. The highway includes the capital Harrisburg. The route is 314 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 15 north of Williamsport.

US 15 in Maryland comes from Frederick. At the state line, US 15 becomes a freeway and bypasses the historic site of Gettysburg. The freeway is almost 40 kilometers long and leads through a wide valley. Around Dillsburg, the US 15 is not a full-fledged freeway, but a 2×2 divided highway with a number of intersections. Shortly before the capital Harrisburg, US 15 becomes a freeway again and forms the southwest approach road to Harrisrburg.

US 15 runs along the Susquehanna River through the western suburbs of Harrisburg, where it intersects I-76 and I-81. The Susquahanna River then breaks through the ridges of the Appalachian Mountains and US 15 is double-numbered with US 11 for a long stretch through central Pennsylvania. US 11/15 is mostly a 4-lane road with sporadic grade separations. US 11 and 15 split at Shamokin Dam, US 15 continues north through the town of Lewisburg and intersects I-80 near West Milton.

Further north, US 15 is a single-lane road to the town of Williamsport, where it intersects I-180. The rest of the route of US 15 is about 100 kilometers until the border with the state of New York is a highway, this part coincides with Interstate 99. The US 15 leads here through hilly and densely wooded area. At Lawrenceville the border with New York follows, after which US 15 continues in New York to Corning.


US 15 was created in 1926. The northern terminus at the time was Harrisburg. In 1936, the route was extended to the New York border at Lawrenceville, and since 1939 US 15 ends in New York State.

The first section of highway opened at Harrisburg in 1956 as a spur of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The highway around Gettysburg opened to traffic in 1963. In 1965, the freeway around Milton opened at I-80. In 1975, the first section of highway opened through Williamsport connecting to US 220. In 1977, the short highway around Selinsgrove opened in the middle of the state. The route between Gettysburg and Harrisburg was upgraded to a divided highway in 1989, but not completely as a freeway. During the 1990s, US 15 was extended further north as a freeway from the Williamsport area to the New York border. Parts of the route are initially as super twoconstructed and later widened to 4 lanes, largely after 2005. Since October 1, 2008, the highway between Williamsport and the New York border has been completed.

Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway

The Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation (CSVT) Project was completed between May 2016 and July 2022, the northern portion of which included a new bridge over the Susquehanna River between US 15 and State Route 147 and a minor upgrade of PA-147 to near freeway chillisquaque. The new connection opened on July 7, 2022.


The section between Williamsport and the New York border is to become part of Interstate 99 in the future. This section has already been constructed according to Interstate Highway design requirements.

US 15 in Pennsylvania