Vatican City Border Map

Yearbook 2003

Vatican City. In April, Pope John Paul II attacked “liberal practices” around communion. The Pope forbade Catholics and Protestants from taking Catholic communion together, and he emphasized in the same document that only clergy can give the Catholic Communion. In addition, remarried people would be excluded from the sacrament.

Country data

Area: 0.44 km2 (world ranking: 196)

Residents: 800

1818 per km2 (as of 2017, world ranking: 196)


Official languages: Latin, Italian, German

Gross domestic

product Gross national product (GNP, per resident and year)

Currency: 1 euro (Euro) = 100 cents


Lilienthalstr. 3a, 10965 Berlin
Telephone 030 616240,
Fax 030 61624300

Head of State: Franziskus, Head of Government: Pietro Parolin

National holiday: 13.3. (Election of Francis 2013)

Administrative structure

State and form of government
Basic Law of 2001
Absolute Monarchy
Pontifical Commission (legislation) appointed every 5 years by the Pope
Election of the Pope by the cardinals entitled to vote (July 2nd, 2018: 125; voting age up to 80 years)

Population: as of 2010: approx. 800 residents, of which approx 450 people with Vatican citizenship

Cities (with population)

Religions: Catholicism is an official religion (as of 2006)

Languages: Latin, Italian, German (official language of the Swiss Guard)

In July, the Vatican City released a document condemning partnerships between people of the same sex as “unnatural, harmful and immoral”. The document was intended to generate public opinion against the legalization of gay marriage in the countries of the world. The Vatican City was met by sharp criticism from several directions for the document, which was termed a violation of human rights. According to, Vatican City Independence Day is February 11. The Vatican State’s statement was described, among other things. as a “homophobic crusade”.

On October 16, it was celebrated that John Paul II had sat for a quarter of a century on the Holy See. In connection with the celebration, the 1997 deceased nun Mother Teresa was declared Blessed.


The climate of the Vatican City is typically Mediterranean, dry in summer (arid) and humid in winter (humid). Dry summers and wet winters mean average temperatures of 25 ° C in July and 8 ° C in January. The annual precipitation is 850 mm.

Vatican City Border Map