Chinese pearls

Chinese pearls

On this trip you get to experience the real gems of China! We begin the journey in the world city of Beijing, where we see, among other things, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace and the impressive Great Wall of China. Then we continue to the ancient imperial city of Xi’an, where we see the beautiful Wild Goose Pagoda, as well as the world’s eighth wonder, the Terracotta Army, one of the most spectacular archaeological finds of the last century! In the scenic city of Guilin, we are enchanted by the famous sugar top mountains that rise above the mirror-shiny waters of the rice plantations. Here we also do a cruise on the Lifloden and get to enjoy wonderful natural scenery, which was taken directly from the world of Chinese landscape paintings. Around the small town of Yangshuo, we experience everyday life in the southern Chinese countryside.

Chinese pearls 2

Day 1: Departure to Beijing
Departure to Beijing. Connecting flights are available from several Scandinavian locations. Night flight. Meals are served on board.

Day 2: Beijing
We arrive in Beijing in the morning where we meet our Swedish-speaking tour guide. We begin with a visit to Tiananmen Square , a place where you can feel the wings of modern Chinese history. Here is Mao Zedong’s mausoleum, with “The Great helmsman” on the lit de parade, and the Great Hall of the People, from which this vast land is ruled. In the evening we gather for a welcome dinner. Overnight in Beijing. (Lunch and dinner)

Day 3: Beijing
Today it will be a full day excursion in Beijing’s surroundings. At a factory, we get to follow the production process of cloisonné, this for Beijing so typical enamel crafts, where a copper object is coated with enamel in beautiful patterns and colors. On the Way of the Spirits, we walk slowly along a processional street lined with beautiful marble statues depicting officials, the military, elephants and camels. This was the processional route on which the emperors’ bodies were brought to the final rest. Gradually we reach the scenically located Minggravarna , which is located among the mountains and is surrounded by water, completely according to feng shui principles. The journey continues north and up among the mountains. Suddenly, the Great Wall of China appears up like a meandering dragon in the landscape! More than six hundred miles long, from the Yellow Sea to the Gobi Desert, it follows the steep ridges. An ancient Chinese saying goes that man does not reach perfection until he has climbed the wall. Up to proof for us! Overnight in Beijing. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 4: Beijing The
morning begins with a visit to one of Beijing’s old hutong areas and takes us around with bike rickshaws among narrow alleys and low one-story houses. Here we also have lunch at the home of an ordinary Chinese family. After lunch we continue to the Forbidden City, the world’s largest palace complex. Here the emperors resided during the Ming and Qing dynasties, together with their eunuchs and concubines for almost five hundred years, from 1421 to 1911. In the evening we have dinner together, where the famous Peking duck is one of the many items on the menu. Overnight in Beijing. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 5: Beijing – Xi’an
Early in the morning we head to the beautiful park surrounding the Temple of Heaven. Many Beijingers come here in the mornings to practice Tai Ji and Qi Gong, among others. After a walk through the park, we see the magnificent Temple of Heaven, the symbol of Beijing city. A couple of times a year, the emperors were brought here from the Forbidden City to ask the heavenly powers for good harvests for the coming year. After lunch we take the bus out to the beautiful Summer Palace. The magnificent Summer Palace was the summer residence of the imperial family when the heat became too suffocating in the Forbidden City. We walk along the artificial Kunmingsjön, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the over 700 meters long covered promenade, adorned with thousands of Chinese paintings. On the way home we visit a shop where you show how lake pearls are grown in the nearby lake. In the evening we fly to the ancient imperial city of Xi´an, the capital of the mighty Chinese empire during six dynasties from 211 BC to 960 AD. Overnight in Xi’an. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 6: Xi’an
We will visit the Great Wild Goose Pagodato get a good insight into how Buddhism came to China. The beautiful Great Wild Goose Pagoda from the 6th century AD was built to store the many writings that were brought home from India by the pilgrim monk Xuanzang. After this, most of the day is devoted to one of the greatest archaeological finds ever, the terracotta army! The army , which guards the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi (221-206 BC), consists of about 8,000 officers, soldiers, archers and cavalrymen with horses, all life-size or larger! In the evening, while enjoying a dinner with jiaozi, among others, we get to experience small delicious dumplings with delicious fillings, experience a song and dance performance dating from the Tang Dynasty . Overnight in Xi’an. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 7: Xi’an – Guilin
This morning we visit one of Chinese family and you get a better picture of the Chinese everyday life. During the visit we also get the opportunity to learn a little about Chinese cooking , for example Chinese dumplings. In the afternoon we visit a local market in Xian. Late in the afternoon we fly to Guilin, in southern China. Overnight in Guilin. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 8: Longsheng
In southern China, most of China’s rice is grown. During a full-day excursion to the large cultivation districts, we get a good insight into the Chinese farmer’s cultivation efforts. At the mountain Longsheng, “Dragon’s Spine”,we see with reverence how all the winding terrace plantations stretch for miles along the slopes. Here we also meet several of China’s many minority populations. Overnight in Guilin. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 9: Guilin – Yangshuo
The day offers a five-hour boat trip along the River Lif down to the village of Yangshuo in the south. The famous sugar top mountains, with their characteristic contours, border the river all the way and during the boat trip we get to follow the daily life in the fields and in the villages along the beaches. In the evening, the opportunity is given to see a very lavish and gigantic ” River Show ” performance, directed by Zhang Yimou himself, the man behind the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. (Optional). Overnight in Yangshuo. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 10: Yangshuo – Guilin – Beijing
After breakfast we take the bus back to Guilin. Once in Guilin, we visit the huge stalactite cave that goes by the poetic name Rörflöjtsgrottan . Here we see stalagmites and stalactites, an underground lake and last but not least, the Dragon Palace’s Crystal Palace! In the evening we then fly back to Beijing. Overnight in Beijing. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 11: Beijing
All day is free for own walks. Tour guides are happy to help with tips on additional sights or shopping. Overnight in Beijing. (Breakfast)

Day 12: Return from Beijing
After breakfast transfer to the airport. Arrival the same day at the boarding place. Meals are served on board. (Breakfast)

Chinese pearls